Finnish sauna: Stenal's philosophy

finnish sauna

Sauna origins in Finland, where it has been appreciated since 1100 a.C.. At that time, the traditional sauna was nothing more thn a hole digged in the ground and then covered with mold.
Nowadays, the sauna has evolved in many ways: the most renowed one is the classic Finnish sauna (Finnische Sauna), with high temperatures - almost  80-90° C - and dry environment, obtained with a particular sauan heater. The correct "saunatherapy" conists in a first bath into the dry heat for almost 8-10 minutes, ending with a very hot steam cloud (Löyly or Aufguss), obtained pouring some water on the hot stones. Nordic people use to take an icing bath soon after the sauna, but generally this is replaced by a cooling shower. The Biosauna is an interesting version of the traditional sauna; lower temperature - around 50° C - while an apposite device regulates temperature and humidity, in order to drive the environment to a steam bath alike situation. Stenal Biosauna is carefully built following the single customer's need and can be added as optional to our finnish saunas lines.
The wood heated sauna recreates the magical scents and atmosphere of the ancient tradition, whike our water-proofing special system (on demand) allows the finnish sauna to be placed also outside, in the quiet of a garden or near the pool. Stenal is specialized also in infrared sauna cabins: thanks to pur wide experience, we can offer a full line proposal. Modern finnish sauna by Stenal combines today the best comfort embraced into a refined design style, that concernes the nordic traditional principles and emplyies therefore only valuable woods like Cedar, Hemplock, Poplar veneer beach and Pine.  We also offer to our customers:


produzione ecologica Stenal eco-friendly saunas: the production cycle of our products and the emissions respect Earth and environment.
Our woods come from certificated forest reserves under sustainable regrowth programs;
saune made in italy stenal our saunas are entirely crafted in Italy, since 1980: we strongly believe in our professional ethics and are proud tho share it with our staff.

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