Stenal items allow you to transform easily any room in a professional-looking Hammam, to enjoy the relax and the purification into your private steam cabin.

steam generator for private home spa

componenti corinne

Steam generator: Zephyr line offers maximum flexibility for installation on the wall, on a niche, on a wall support or on the counterceiling. All you need to do is bring power and water inlets and outlets to the steam generator. Zephyr will do the rest.

Basin and seats: the Corinne modular complements allow to design your space at your liking.
Each module measures 45 × 45 cm × 50h.

kit coibentazione

porta e finestra

Insulation kit: It is essential to have a well-insulated compartment, which prevents steam dispersion. For this purpose, we have designed an insulation kit consisting in EPS panels in cm 125 x60 standard sizes, adjustable to different needs. The surface can be coated or tiled.
Available in formats of 12, 15 and 21 square metres of insulation panels.

Glass door: 8 mm tempered crystal with aluminium frame and stainless steel handle. Casing cm 70x190h.

Glass window: an additional element that adds light and airy elegance to your Hammam. Casing cm 40 x 170h.

Ask us for more information about our solution for turkish bath line for private home and small SPAs.

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