Heated loungers

Covered with mosaic, the particular shape and comfortable warmth given by this lounger make it perfect for regenerating and relaxing after any sauna, steam bath, fitness session or treatment. The anatomic and ergonomic body position, lifting both back and legs, allows deep relaxation for the muscles. The tepid warmth entering deep inside the body gives an extremely pleasant sensation, especially in the cold season.

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heated loungers

LS serie: Anatomic-shape and modern lines are the main element of the LS line, dsigned not only to furnish, but better to enrich the relaxing area with an original and preciuos creation. The single-stone body and the smooth surface permit to cover it with tiles or glass mosaic, obtaining amazing effects. The full body is made of EPS, strengthened with special materials and thights. Heating by electricity or by water system. 

Size cm 70x190x90h

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heated lounger

Diva and Cleopatra collections are dedicated to our most demanding users: heated marble and valuable materials combine with the finest elegant line.
The entirely Italian manufacturing guarantees  the uniqueness of a single-piece product.

Every element is available also in black marble, limestone and white marble version.

available colours for Diva and Cleopatra serie


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Cleopatra heated loungers
Diva heated loungers



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