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Winter 2016: surrounded by the landscape of the Sila, the beautiful upland at the heart of Calabria region, the National Park Hotel **** opens an unforgettable spa.

Stenal custom made sauna and wellness areaThe Hotel National Park allows you to enjoy and unspoiled and wild landscapes, typical of the Italian region named Calabria. At the same time, the structure is strategically located nearby a ski resort with modern and efficient ski lifts that connect with the summit of Mount Gariglione at 1,765 meters above sea level, a true paradise for winter sports lovers.

This is a perfect location even in the summer, due to its proximity to the sea of ​​Crotone and Lake Ampollino; in addition, from 2016 the Hotel offers its guests the luxury and the charm of a beautiful spa carved directly into the rock. The wellness area built by Stenal is a modern interpretation of ancient and natural rituals. You can dive into the dry heat of the Finnish sauna Topclass, that combines glass and Hemlock wood, a type of timber that has no knots in sight; this sauna has been specially customized to reach and effect of largeness and intimacy at the same time. The turkish bath Customer has been enriched with a starry sky, a detail that increases the perception of relaxation through a delicate color therapy. Indirect and soft lighting under the benches creates an atmosphere of serenity and calm.

Bucket shower and the ice room from the Polaris line are two cabins that offer an invigorating and refreshing break after the intense heat of the sauna: the Polaris room consist of a special cabin where the walls are covered with an ice layer and the ice fall produces ice crystals. The Gemma salt cabin allows lying down in a comfortable space and breathing the salt air, which helps to purify the skin. The spaces dedicated to relaxation have been studied with great care and attention; poolside chaise longue Alba combine style and Italian design with the advantages of a professional product, designed to maintain the level of the lower limbs in the best position to reach a deep relaxation after the sauna and steam bath.

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The new Spa at Hotel Le Soleil **** opened in 2015 as part of the refurbishment of a prestigious Resort

stenal producer of wellness area equipment new spaAn intimate place, this brand new wellness area has been created after the renovation of the historical palace built in the Sixties. Luxury and quality can be breath in every space and great care of details is the distinctive point of the SPA, designed by Venetian architectural studio LpArch_Ligorio Paste. The environment deals with an amazing play of smooth colours and warm textures; lighting has been accurately studied to create a light bridge with outside sea landscape, so the overall sensation is to relax in an airy, suspended heaven.

The focus point of the wellness area built by Stenal is the ice fall, with its clean volumes and the sharp color contrast, where the light once again underlines geometries and fulfill empty spaces, giving the idea of a wider space. Lights also enhance the precious materials used in the cabins nearby, the Finnish sauna from Elite collection, with wide glass window, and the twin steam bath from Stenal’s Customer line. Both are 100% produced in Italy, with some details still handcrafted, like Elite’ strips of natural Cedar wood, each of them has been manually applied. This processing underlines the many color shades of the Cedar, an inner feature of this wood, which is renowned also for is intense, natural scent that makes sitting in sauna an unforgettable experience.

The Customer steam bath, with its light colors and the wide panoramic windows, lit by an impressive starry sky and by strip led under the bench, has been custom-built on order to meet the Designer idea and the Customer expectations of a spectacular cabin, while remaining a soft and quiet place.

The paths leading to the wet area shows a stoneware coating emphasized by wall-washers lighting. The experience showers path houses a Scottish shower with side jets with alternate hot and cold water, a “rustic” shower with a wooden basin, and the latest experience shower model Emotion_Ray by Stenal. This new Stenal multi-sensory shower is characterized by the patented "lightfall" effect: activating a button, the customer is driven into exotic atmospheres recreated through the combination of hot water jets, orange lights and tropical scents. Activating the following effect, the landscape changes and becomes that of a thin arctic mist made of cold water with a hint of mint essence and relaxing lighting.

On the relaxation area, located on the terrace overlooking the sea, the sea breeze increases the benefits of the wellness area experience. Brightness, light colors and the extreme comfort of the brand new Cloud loungers enhance the sense of freedom and welcome the guests into a suspended, airy dream.

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GOCO Spa in Venice: on the private Isola delle Rose, overlooking San Marco lagoon. The winner of the SENSES Wellness Award 2015 is the new icon of wellness.

new award winning 2015 spa by StenalEverything in Venice is unique and different from elsewhere in the world; so it is the brand new GOCO Spa, housed in the JW Marriott Resort and nestled in the peaceful gardens of the nearby Isola delle Rose, with an amazing overlook on San Marco and La Serenissima.

Even the arrival at the GOCO Spa is dreamy and unconventional: after a short ride on a private boat through the famous Laguna, guests step on the island right into Venice‘s largest complex dedicated to wellbeing and SPA rituals. 1700 square meters of modern interior, framed by the sober elegant architecture of the twentieth-century building. Each of the 8 treatment rooms offers a breathtaking view of San Marco and La Serenissima, as the silence and quiet of the garden becomes the ideal space of relaxation where to practice yoga and meditation. The SPA, designed by the prestigious firm Matteo Thun & Partners, stand s out for its uniqueness: the saunas, built by Stenal, are all special creations by the Company. The SPA houses a particular Biosauna in Poplar wood, a bright texture wood, with a panoramic tempered glass window from where guests can admire the reflections of daylight on the water like in Canaletto canvas.
Inside the Biosauna there are also two handmade wooden chaise-longue in Poplar wood strips and lit by a warm LED light. Highly impressive, the salt room benches are made of ancient wood coming from mountain huts: the cozy and wide space lets light in from the large window in tempered glass. The choice of such different materials – the raw wood of the benches and the opulence of the pink backlit Himalayan salt bricks that cover the walls – arouses a sense of pleasant contrast.Sober-looking and elegant, the classic Finnish sauna is made of Fir wood, as in the Nordic tradition, and carries on the culture of body and mind regeneration through heat baths.

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Overlooking the new Milan, the urban SPA of Hotel LaGare enhances the design and reveals the beauty of the materials.

hotel laGare with brand new urban SPAMilan has always offered top-class hotels: this urban spa by Stenal, opened a few months ago in the heart of the most modern part of the city, lies among the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova and the high speed railways, not far from most important streets of fashion.
Hotel LaGare Milan is member of the renowned MGallery circuit, which hosts the most exclusive resorts in the Accor Group circuits. Its new spa urban SPA opened a few months ago; modernity, elegance and sustainability - the big issues of Expo 2015 – have been melted by Stenal to create an oasis of well-being right in the hearth of the hectic city life using scenic solutions, new materials, minimalism and innovative technologic light design.
Stenal’s expertise can be fully appreciated visiting the Roman bath, almost 13 meters long, built with a domed roof hosting an amazing starry sky: this is made of optic fibers that recreate the effect of a dark night lightened by thousands of stars.

A similar starry sky effect lights the hammam, equipped with design showers, where plenty of bright spots in the ceiling enhance the sense of wellbeing and relaxation through the charm of a soft color therapy.

The wellness center - over 400 square meters - is equipped also with a salt room, whose walls are coated with backlit pink salt bricks, and a Finnish sauna by Stenal built in Thermowood, an elegant wood in dark texture. There could not miss the collection of multi-sensory experience showers from Stenal’s Ray collection, the last line of ceiling showerhead created by Stenal to capture all the nuances of wellbeing: “tropical” and “artic” atmospheres are recreated through water effects, scents and color therapy, all blended into a single shower.

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Sport and wellness center: a story of great success

wellness equipment for sport centers by stenalIn November 17, 2012 opened the new SPA area in the Sport Center of Rovereto, a modern technology-based complex near Trento. The structure offered very advanced attractions, including two indoor pools, two outdoor swimming pool for educational purposes and scholars, and a large area with a summer large pool, a 'baby' pool, a diving pool and another one with two water slides. The project financing involved the council and the ATI formed by 2001Team and Carron and allowed Rovereto Sport Centre to achieve a major expansion: a new multifunctional bathtub 25m long, a pool with water games and whirlpool, two gyms, new changing rooms and a fully equipped SPA by Stenal.

The Centre has thousands of users of all ages; therefore the Sport Centre managers needed a wellness zone suitable both for athletes, for fitness lovers and for elderly people. The SPA houses three different types of sauna - a Biosauna made of Hemlock wood, where it is possible to breathe balsamic vapors, a Finnish sauna from Topclass line and a halos sauna with salt panels coming from the renowned Sicilian salt caves. The wet area features a large steam bath from Stenal’s Customer line and a Polaris ice cabin, furnished with elegant seating in CorianTM from Stenal’s Corinne collection. Along the relaxation path, experience showers offer a moment of deep restoration and entertainment thanks to the amazing atmosphere obtained with combinations of lights, scents and water effects at different temperatures. Guests can then chill out on the relax loungers. The renovation of the structure, at the forefront of the construction techniques and the materials and finishes choice, raised the Sport Center of Rovereto as a modern and functional facility.

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Newly opened in Versilia, Tuscany: the SPA at the 4-stars Grand Hotel & Riviera

spa equipment and furniture by stenal in ItalyAt the first glance at the guestbook of the hotel, you immediately notice the names of international visitors, proving the appeal to a worldwide clientele and the uniqueness of this Resort. The need to meet the tastes and needs of such different people lead to a kind of “universal” design, sober but not as cold and stylized as the "too modern" SPAs are.
The goal has been achieved by paying the utmost attention to quality of materials and technologies. The materials evoke the warmth and the nature of the Mediterranean landscape, recalled by the stone finishing of the benches in the Turkish bath and the outer coating of sauna cabin. Both the Finnish sauna, from Stenal’s Topclass line, and the steam bath from Stenal’s Customer collection are equipped with a wide glass facade, framed by an aluminum profile. The experience shower Emotion_Ray, patented by Stenal, enhances the atmosphere of the wellness area with aromatherapy and with the magic of the effects of a colored light waterfall and water jets.

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Building of the Year 2015: the international award goes to The Number 6 in Turin, with the SPA by Stenal

building of the year stenal spaSince 2009, the competition launched by probably the most famous architecture website in the world, ArchDaily, in collaboration with HP Solutions, selects the architectural projects that have been able to surprise, innovate and improve the world around through ideas and design. Ranging from Chile to Vietnam, including China, Australia and Europe, the challenge involves over 18,000 architects and stars like Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Alvaro Siza and Kengo Kuma.

The victory for the Refurbishment category went to the only Italian finalist, chosen after a lengthy selection among 3000 projects admitted to the competition, with 31,000 works submitted. The Number 6 is the Seventeenth century Palazzo Valperga in via Alfieri 6, in the heart of Turin, with a fascinating history. Turned in the eighteenth century in one of the finest examples of noble architecture, was the seat of the Counts of Netro Riccardi and residence of distinguished guests including the Savoy family and Cardinal Roncalli, the future Pope John XXIII. After that period, began an unfortunate inexorable decadence, since nowadays the Art Director Richi Ferrero and the Building Engineering team worked hard on a careful restoration of the sculptural and pictorial heritage. The great effort of combining the past art with functionality, design and modern materials lead to a perfectly balanced building, unique in the world. Evocative lighting, restoration and enhancement of the common parts for a major well-being achievement are also the inspiring ideas of the SPA. Elegant, minimal and outlined by a bright design, it features an original interpretation of the Elite sauna, handcrafted in Cedar wood stripes and wrapped by wide glass windows; the hammam, from Stenal’s Customer steam bath line, has been realized in strict compliance with the Designer requests. The ceiling shower Emotion Ray, is the top range new line of experience showers patented Stenal for combining water effects, chromo and aroma therapy.

>> the 14 winners of the contest Building of the Year 2015, the photo gallery and the article


Opening of the San Pellegrino Thermal Complex - Christmas 2014

san pellegrino thermal complex by StenalGive back to the largest thermal complex in the north of Italy, San Pellegrino Thermae, its former glory: a dream born from an ancient splendor, which has experienced the glory of Liberty, and the elegance and wellbeing of the Belle Epoque.

A complex of near 10.000 square meters, 6.000 sqm dedicated to wellness and 3.200 smq being the green area of the renowned San Pellegrino spring water, and more than 40 thermal practices. Based on the project by Studio DE8 Architects, the whole wellness area, built by Stenal, consists of ten cabins including saunas, bio sauna, Turkish baths, experience showers, ice fall and salt cabin.

This impressive work has been turned into reality thanks to advanced technologies owned by Stenal and last-generation CNC machines. Our artisans could realize impressive decorations on the panels and saunas elements with symbols and elements strongly connected to San Pellegrino history and fame, such as bubble decoration on the saunas, recalling the springing water.

Into the Turkish baths, the silhouette of the legendary bottle of San Pellegrino mineral sparks from the wall covered in mosaic. In the salt room, the atmosphere is very impressive: a long and original wood benches with rounded edges welcomes the guests while a wall of salt bricks pink backlit gives the feeling of relax over a light wave. In the ice room, mosaics evoke the shape of water droplets.

The restoration of San Pellegrino Terme also led to the restoration of frescoes, columns and ceilings of the building belonging to the early twentieth century; the wellness path winds through the historic building and the new complex, built where there used to be the former Milano Hotel, on the project DE8 Architects and Arch. Tobia Scarpa.

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Cleopatra SPA: a design Centre between the cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the most beautiful landscapes of Calabria

cleopatra spa new resort manufactured by stenal

The Resort is located in one of the most famous Mediterranean landscapes of Italy, the Calabrian promontory not far from the renowned Tropea: a land famous for its lush food but also for historical heritage, with palaces of the XVIII and XIX century perched on a cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The brand new SPA by Stenal lies in the Baia del Godano Resort in Capo Vaticano, near the city of Vibo Valentia, and focuses aesthetics treatments and a full sense of relax. It is designed with care of details and in the choice of elements that recall the natural elements surrounding the place.

The Turkish bath exploits the technologies and the flexibility of Stenal’s Customer steam bath, that offered a great stylistic freedom is sizes and shapes: windows and benches have been placed accordingly to the project. Near the hammam, the experience shower path Paradise has been tailored in order to make the most of the space available that discloses stage by stage a world of amazing lights, water effects and scents.
The rustic and the Scottish shower combine traditional materials such as wood with modern elements like stainless steel. In the middle of the wellness area, an amazing ice fall in white stone and steel is surrounded by soft lights. For the relax room, the new loungers LX1 by Stenal, made of fine Beech wood, offer a full sense of relax thanks to the adjustable position with three different regulations.

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Millegocce Wellness Center, in the beautiful landscape of Dolomites, Lavarone

wellness resort in the Alps by StenalNested in the mountain area of Dolomites recently declared “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO, the Millegrobbe Resort is one of the few hotels in Trentino that has been recognized as “rural building”. The building has been acknowledged of historical interest by Trentino land due to its origin; the Resort was in the past an ancient Cimbra hut, heritage of the history and tradition of the territory. Lying in a valley bounded on the East by the plateau of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna, Millegrobbe Resort offers an amazing view on the pastures and mountains in the Alpine foothills of Trentino, in the North of Italy.
Opened in 2014, the Millegocce Wellness & SPA follows the traditional Alpine style, revisited in a modern and bright design.

The Finnish sauna by Stenal comfortably accommodates up to 8-9 people and has been built in Nordic Pine wood, with bright windows to let the light in. The biosauna, built in the same style but slightly larger, is a cabin half way between the traditional dry heat sauna and the hot and humid steam bath.
The custom-made steam bath is also built by Stenal to accommodate up to 8 people: a peaceful and bright environment is obtained thanks to the wide glass front wall, that lets natural light in, and to the soft, indirect lighting coming from the LED spotlights placed under the benches. A gentle chromotherapy enhances the sense of relax and detoxing you can breathe in every corner of this special room.

All cabins of the SPA area are complete with music therapy, in order to offer a multi-sensory relaxation.
The path continues with a chromatic white light shower and with the latest model of Stenal experience shower collection Emotion_Ray. This model combines into a single ceiling showerhead two different moods: an artic scenario, with fine cold mist, mint scent and blue light and a tropical rainforest, with warm water massage, orange scent and orang light. To enhance the benefit of the SPA cabin, the ice waterfall produces constantly ice flakes that can be used to cool down the body, while the feet disinfection ensures high hygiene standards.

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In an ancient medieval castle, a golden turkish bath by Stenal

golden turkish bath by stenalLocated in the ancient part of the castle, under the main tower, the SPA lies in the heart of the house, since the castle is privately owned and surrounded by the peaceful landscape of Umbrian hills in Italy. The design studied by the architects Stefano Landolfi and Mario Mallucci translated into work the idea of ​​a scene capable to surprise the owners themselves and their guests. Starting from an amazing access, that is from the main hall on the upper floor: here, a wide glass window allows the guests to admire the interiors of the SPA from above, capturing a glimpse as in a trompe-l'oeil. A light and elegantly wrapped spiral staircase in steel and frosted glass steps leads to discover the suite with turkish bath, whirpool and Kneipp area: the whirpool and the Kneipp path have been recessed in the floor and then covered with black granite. This darkness increases the effect of "emptiness" of the pool, in contrast with the bright color of the (real) gold mosaic chosen for covering the floor of the hall.  The turkish bath, externally coated with satin black glass and internally coated with the same gold mosaic from the luxury SICIS "gold Waves" , represents the only "solid" element in the room. Perimeter walls are all made of the original ancient stones of the castle.The hot tub, built by FM Studio, includes: aeromassage with linear plates, dynamic whirlpool "Total Jet", wall jets, neck massage, and spotlights for lighting.The lighting choices have emphasized even more the visual effect of the SPA. LED spotlights were placed around the perimeter of the room, spreading light upwards, emphasizing the ancient stones. Other spotlights were placed in the masonry and others, recessed into the vertical walls of the tub, enlight the pool. A play of light is also translated into the turkish bath, where on the ceiling the spotlights create the effect of a starry sky.

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Relais San Maurizio***** opens the new SPA

brand new spa equipment by StenalOpened in May 2014 in one of the top-levels Resort belonging to the luxury chain Relais & Chateaux, the new wellness center of Relais San Maurizio is located in one of the most ancient zone of this beautiful XVII structure, that was originally a Benedictine monastery, carefully preserved from the passage of time. The Salt Cave is a natural ravine in the rock where the monks built special pools rich in minerals, that were used for precious for draining and detoxing treatments, still practiced today. The new spa features custom-made equipment all tailored on the basis of the special architectural needs of the place and using particular materials capable to suit the salinity of the Cave. The fil-rouge that has been chosed to connect the SPA facilities is the aromatherapy: the finnish sauna from Elite line spreads its natural scent coming from the Cedar wood; in the Antique biosauna, built with ancient mountain wood, guests can breathe the beneficials aromas of the officinal herbs cultivated directly in San Maurizio's gardens accordingly to the heritage of the ancient monks recipes. A stunning ice fall covered with original stones from the XVII century and the experience shower Emotion Ray complete the wellness experience with multiple shades of water and light effects.

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Anthurium Wellness SPA: a unique SPA in an ancient Monastery of the XVI century, brought back to its former glory

anthurium wellness spa by stenal

Opened in 2014, this SPA manufactured by Stenal is distinguished by elegance, modern design and a stand-out high level quality in services and structures.

It is opened for ouitcoming visitors and for the guests of the Hotel Relais al Convento, located in one of the most amazing medieval town in Italy, among the hills of the renowned Ligurian landscape called Cinque Terre. Architect Tiziana Figliuzzi chose a sober and clear design, accordingly to the Owner desire of
placing the SPA in harmony with the preserved historical heritage of the ancient Monastery. The Infrared sauna by Stenal offers the most advanced technologies in order to offer comfort and relax to the guests, that can relax also in the turkish bath built with Stenal technologies for chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

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ancient wood sauna by Stenal

Ancient wood sauna: rustic effect, amazing elegance.

The ancient wood (or rustic) sauna offers an original and nowadays widely appreciated variation of the traditional Finnish sauna. The wood employed in the construction of this cabin has ancient roots and is worked in wide slats with materic-looking. This sauna is fully handcrafted and customized, so it lets you take advantage of difficult spaces as corners and attics. By using glass windows, we obtain the effect of an airy, relaxing well-being area.
The benches, made of Abachi wood, are designed to provide a comfortable relaxing at the right temperature, as the heat level reached by this kind of wood is never excessive.


Stenal and Geox shoes

Stenal and Geox: live the music and the wellness experience.

Music unites people, creates emotions and offers to its public a unique unforgettable sensation: so does the Wellness. This is also the fil rouge that connects Geox, a multinational brand leader for its patented and worldwide known "breathes shoe", and Stenal: they both share as fundamental values the craftsmanship know-how, the quality-oriented production and the love for their clultural and geographical roots. The Geox Theater origins form the love of Mario Moretti Polegato, Geox CEO, for music and entertainment: opened in 2009, with its complessive 650.000 visitors, it hosts today the most renowed artists such as Cranberries, Anastacia, Joe Satriani just to mention a few and it is the first Theatre to make available to the artists from January 2013 a full Stenal SPA, equipped with Elite Sauna, experience shower Emotion Ray and relaxation loungers.


Stenal at Wellness show BucarestWellness show Expo Bucharest, Romania: with its 2010 edition visited by over 13.500 people and over 200.000 euro sales made, Wellness Show is an excellent B2B platform and one of the most important event of the year dedicated to equipment, products and services in fitness, wellness, spa and body care industry.

We will be there with some of our product at Pavilion D2 (in front of Technogym expo) with our Italian Dealer SATA Piscine. By our stand (D 23 25) you can find an integrated wellness offer: from the planning of the Spa area to the latest design final result.

>> Find out more on the official website

>> Would you like to come and visit us at our Stand? Contact us!


stenal_area stampaEvolution sauna by Stenal wins the "Design Made in Padova 2011 Award" - December 2011

This prize, conferred by Confindustria in cooperation with business expert, Art Council and the Italian Design School, rewards excellent made in Italy product which have special features of excellence, design, quality standard and technical research behind.  The art photographs, catalogue and interview will be published starting from January 2012.

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stenal_rassegna stampaProgetto Wellness - 2011 edition

One of the most influential magazine about Wellness and Design has chosen one of our latest works, the Rome Hotel in Abano Terme (Padua), for its review about high quality Spas in prestigious location.

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azienda_rassegna stampaOctober the 26th  2011 - Our meeting in Abano Terme "The water shape in Wellness".

During the evening event, organized in co-partnership with Hydrocare Italia, our guests have been introduced to the Floating Therapy and the beneficial effects of the Float Room. A very special guest of honour, Alberto Tomba, one of the greatest ski champion of the world, talked about his personal floating experience and his enthusiastic approach to this revolutionary relaxation method.

Learn more about our Float Room.


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