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Since 1980 we have been operating in the wellness industry. During this time we have gradually and prominently emerged as primary reference for the sauna, steam bath, solarium and wellness markets.

Thanks to a long experience in various areas, our Company is capable of planning custom solutions, providing and installing technologies and works for all modern wellness centres, combining innovative technical performances with the characteristic style and elegance of the finest Italian Design, appreciated all around the world.

We always stay in touch with our customers
, supporting them in their choices and in their business. We are wary of following our duty at our best by sharing our values, in which we strongly believe. Defending our entirely Italian craftsmanship and production has been a winning choice throughout time: placing maximum care for detail and great attention to quality, we have surely given our Made in Italy a very distinctive value. Our aesthetic intuitions have often opened the way to new style trends, making us one of the leaders of the wellness industry.

Stenal uses exclusively natural and non-chemically treated slow-growing woods, from forest reserves under regrowth programmes, in order not to deplete but to enrich the  invaluable natural resources of our planet. We also use materials and production methods that avoid environmental derangement, respecting laws on emission limitation of toxic substances.

saunas by Stenal steam bath experience shower by stenal salt cabin Gemma by Stenal
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