Gemma salt cabin: 2013 launching

stanza del sale Gemma di Stenalcabina del sale Stenal Gemma

The salt cabin takes its origin from the Mediterranean climate, where the Ancient Greeks first employed the salt (“halos”) as precious ally against respiratory system diseases.

Customers love this cabin for its deep relaxing effects and also for its many benefits, like skin purification and breathing improvement thanks to the fine salt sprayed atmosphere.  Moreover, the salt room fits perfectly all beauty treatments offered along the Wellness path.

Launched in preview at Cosmoprof Fair 2013, “Gemma” origins from the Italian design of LpArch Studio and from the twenty-five years experience of a professional Beautician: this lead us to create the first multifunction salt cabin, that combines elegance and ease of use and can be used:

as relax area;

as beauty treatment itself, tank to the purifying action that salt has on the skin;

as laying treatment room, where to lay down in a comfortable and magic atmosphere, surrounded by the unmistakeable salt aroma and soft lights.

Gemma salt cabin is self-supporting, with walls tiled with HPL and panels covered with the renowed salt coming from Sicily salt caves; panels are backlited with leds that creates a soft and charming atmosphere. The white leatherette chaise-longues, the salt blanket on the floor and the wide glass window confer the cabin the most refined modern touch preserving at the same time privacy and comfort. Since the cabin is not heated, there is no need to provide drains and maintenance is overall very small.


salt cabin Gemma by Stenal

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Available sizes:

satnza del sale due posti satnza del sale tre posti
mod1 cm 209 x 209 x 209h mod2 cm 278 x 209 x 209 h


Salt "fog" sprayed optional (need techinical plant).

mod. 1
satnza del sale due posti miconizzatore A

satnza del sale due posti miconizzatoree B

satnza del sale due posti miconizzatoree C



mod. 2
satnza del sale tre posti miconizzatore A satnza del sale tre posti miconizzatore B

satnza del sale tre posti miconizzatore C satnza del sale tre posti miconizzatore D

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