The beneficial effects of the Sauna

sauna benefits

A correct sauna session includes at least two sittings of 8 – 15 minutes each. The dry heat and the fresh shower after can be considered a powerful ally for good health and boost the body’s natural immune defences, eliminating toxins and impurities.

Regular “saunatherapy” also has positive effects on the metabolism: in fact it helps to burn off excess fat and exceeding liquid drainage.

10 rules for a plesant and healthful sauna:

1. Heat the cabin setting the temperature around 80°C. Humidity will automatically decrease until it will reach a very low level.
2. Take a warm shower: it will help to accustom the body to the high temperature of the sauna.
3. Rub down energically with a towel: this stimulates immediately the sweating.
4. Enter the cabin. Sit or lay on and relax for near 8-15 minutes. The intense heat of the sauna will make you start sweating after few minutes: if the heat becomes too intense, it is better to sit on the lower sauna bench, then raise on the upper bench after a while.
5. A couple of minutes before ending your sauna session, drop a spoon of water onto the stones. This ritual - called Aufguss - provokes an immediate hot wave that will enhance the temperature. Breathe deeply the fresh balsamic fragrance, very helpful for respiratory system.
6. After the time has expired or when you feel tired, exit and take a cold - or mild, if you practice sauna for the first times - shower. The cooling effect after the sauna is hepful for stimulating bloodstream circulation and as a tonic effect. 7. Take care of feet's temperature: if you feel them cold, warm them up with a hot bath.
8. Have a relaxing pause.
9. You can now return for another sauna session and enjoy the numerous sauna benefits again!
10. Al termine dell’ultimo relax ci si sentirà come rinati, con una meravigliosa pelle liscia e morbida e disintossicati in tutto l’organismo. Per finire, thé o succhi di frutta per la sete e per ristabilire l’equilibrio idrico-minerale.


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