Custom-made solution for wellness: how do we build saunas and spas

custom made sauna and spaTurning a high level project into a successful and remunerative centre is a goal not easily achievable if your business partner does not have all the necessary requirements and competences: this is what we do have, thanks to a thirty-years experience, prerogative of very few companies in this field.
Our main concern is to ensure the very best quality to our customers: this is the reason why we use only certified materials from the most renowed plantations, without any trace of glue or chemical products, than can be very dangerous and nocive when exposed to the high temperature reached by the sauna. We care about environment: our woods come from sustainable forests and all productive process sticks to UE emissions standards.

Glass windows and doors give to our saunas line a very modern and luxury appeal: never forget that the glass must be thick enough (8 - 10 mm) to ensure maximum safeness and thermal insulation, placing attention to details like gaskets etc.

As well as saunas, our built-in wellness technologies can be customized thanks to avant-guard machines and the latest CAD/CAM softwares, allowing us to reach a full design and production cycle.

This flexibility and volved lean production system make us able to engineer the most different projects and ideas of our partnes: designers, architects and studios that address to us to turn dreams into a valuable reality.

Contact us for more information about tailored solutions for spas and wellness centres.


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