Steam baths types

steam bath types

Steam bath 40-45°C, 100% humidity
The Steam bath is the classical hot steam bath, used since ancient times, where you can bathe in a pleasantly humid and cosy environment.

Hammam 40-45°C, variable humidity
Hammams are traditional wellness centres of the Arab world. Usually very spacious, in a classical style of refined mosaics and fountains, with 3 or 4 rooms at different temperatures. Most of them also have a platform for massages.

Laconicum, 65°C, dry
The specific heating for these kind of cabins allows a pleasant sweating, that can be very useful to eliminate toxins, metabolism waste products, fatty acids and impurities. The heat is induced through the benches (about 39°C) and through the walls (about 65°C).

Calidarium, 45-48°C, medium-high humidity
The high quantity of steam is designed to help general relaxation, whilst invigorating muscles and skin and allowing the cleansing of skin pores and favouring blood circulation. Temperatures are between 45 and 48° C, humidity medium-high and benches are heated at 39°C. Herbs and natural essences can also be used.

Tepidarium, 37-39°C, low humidity

The Tepidarium offers an optimal support for the immunitary and regenerative activities of the body.
Heat is equally distributed in all parts of the body, making it a perfect place for resting and recuperating from daily stress.

Steam bath enriched with salt steam.
This particular steam bath is equipped with a salt micronizer that guarantees the correct percentage of salt is released into the air, to further amplify the beneficial effects of the sitting.

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