Wood blends being used for building our saunas

Customisation of all our sauna models allows the widest of freedom in creating your own project:  not only sizes, but also details and features can be chosen to transform into a unique and inimitable creation: each sauna is a single masterpiece, and there is no sauan equal to another.

The type of wood defines the "personality" of the sauna; ancient woods are used to obtain "raw", rustic effects, while light textures with no knots like Hemlock give a modern-looking appeal to our custom saunas. Glass facade and windows can open the spaces for a bright interior, while wood walls outline a traditional, intimate atmosphere as per in the Nordic culture.

Ancient wood sauna:

This wood comes from ancient mountain huts and is collected and employed for its natural raw texture. Centuries conferred to this wood natural irregularities that are preserved during the construction process.

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sauna in legno antico

sauna in legno antico di Stenal

Cedar wood sauna:

This canadian wood requires special technical skills and long experience to be transformed into the stunning design creation of the Elite saunas line. Its reddish colour and the natural scent that is costantly released and intensified by the heat of the cabin make Cedar unmistakeable. The long thin strips are applied manually by our craftsmen. The benches are built with the same technique employed for the walls, to make the Elite sauna line our top level model.

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sauna in legno di cedro
sauna su misura Stenal lavorazione a listelli

Thermo-wood sauna:

Thermo-wood is a transformation of the Ash wood, that assumes a brownish texture. For this reason Thermo-wood is employed for creating colour contrasts inside the sauna and/or for settings that require dark textures and wengè shades. Benches are built in Ayous athermic wood, so the seats remains pleasantly warm but not burning. Depending on the design, Ayous can be employed to outline detail / contrast by adding a brighter matchboard etc.

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sauna in legno di frassino termotrattato
sauna in thermowood di stenal

Hemlock wood sauna:

Hemlock, a Canadian conifer, is a resistant wood, whit a bright texture and no knots in view; it is used for our special Topclass saunas line. For a modern-looking impact, Hemlock is matched with design elements like wide tempered glass windows, as in Stenal  Evolution sauna. Fot the lovers of the home sauna, Fashion home spa saunas, in Hemlock wood, offer a refined solution fot the most demanding Customers. The heater is hidden behind a wall, while side shells can be used to stove aromas and towels.

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sauna in legno di hemlock
sauna finlandese in legno di hemlock

Fir wood Sauna:

The classic sauna, which meets the standards of the Nordic tradition, built with the authenticity of Finnish culture: Fir wood is charachterized by a light brown color and the presence of knots. Stenal uses only top quality wood from forests under regrowth programmes, in order to preserve Earth's natural resources.

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sauna in legno di pino
sauna su misura in legno di pino di Stenal

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