Infrared Sauna RED

The infrared sauna RED is an evolution of our Family finnish sauna. It is available in both the standard and extensible version and it works entirely with the infrared technology.

Comfortable and functional, the infrared sauna is currently one of the most on demand product thanks to its low temperature and high performances.

What is our infrared sauna RED?

The infrared sauna RED evokes our family sauna, but instead of the regular heating system it uses infrared lamps.

How the infrared rays function?  

Infrared radiation is an electromagnetic radiation, with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. The infrared lamps we use are one of the few on the market that offer near, mid and far infrared technology. This combination is essential to reach deeper layers of the subcutaneous tissue.
The infrared rays are not dangerous. On the contrary, they can bring a lot of benefits like skin renewal, cell health and wound healing.

Infrared sauna vs finnish sauna

The infrared sauna differs from the finnish sauna exclusively for its heating system. While the finnish sauna reaches high temperatures (98°-100°), the infrared sauna get to a maximum of 50°. This means that the temperature inside the cabin is lower despite the infrared lamps having a deeper, more located action on the skin subcutaneous tissues.

The infrared sauna is recommended to all the people who suffer the high temperatures of the finnish sauna, but still want the experience of a sauna with the addition of the benefits of the infrared lamps.
The infra sauna RED is also highly recommended for muscular pain, bones pathologies, skin’s cleansing and stress release.

For more information regarding the difference between the infra sauna and the finnish sauna, you can visit our page: the infrared sauna Combi.

How does the infrared lamps Vitae work?

Stenal uses the infrared lamps Vitae because they are one of the few lamps that combine near, mid and far infrared technology. This means that each lamp radiates infra rays with 3 different wavelengths.
A good balance between near, mid and far wavelength allows a better penetration into the deepest layers of the skin suncutaneous tissue. This is what gives the area that is being treated a warmer feeling compared to the finnish sauna.
The infrared lamps Vitae also radiate a warm and dim light that light up the cabin, giving a comfortable and relaxing vibe. All lamps can be manually regulated.

All the benefits of the infrared sauna RED


The infra sauna RED is available in two versions: one standard and one extensible.
The standard version is available in three dimensions: Small, Medium, Large and can host up to three people.
The extensible version is available in only two dimensions, Small and Medium, and can host up to two people.
The infrared sauna Red extensible has the advantage that you can open it and close it whenever you like, in order to optimize the space.

Energy consumption

Another benefit of the infrared sauna is the low energy consumption. The infrared lamps can reach a maximum of 1.55 kW, a modest energy consumption compared to the finnish sauna.


Outdoor Infrared sauna

Every Stenal sauna can be customized for an outdoor setting. Each realization will have to integrate some additional manufacturing, like protective outdoor painting, outdoor insulation …, which make them suitable for sheltered installations (eg: under a canopy or a gazebo).
This means that the infrared sauna RED can also be turned into an outdoor sauna.

How does the infrared sauna help with weight loss?

The infrared sauna does not make you lose weight. However, it has other benefits, like skin’s cleansing, stress relieve and it’s also highly recommended for muscular pain, arthritis and bones pathologies.

Are the infrared rays dangerous?

The infrared rays are not dangerous. They are the most common electromagnetic radiation and their intensity is even lower than that of visible light. Even our body radiates naturally infrared radiation.

How to choose an infra sauna?

When you choose a sauna with the infrared technology it’s very important to see which infrared lamps are used.
We have seen that a lamp with a good balance between near, mid and far infrared wavelength performs better, reaching different layers of the subcutaneous tissue. Stenal has chosen the infrared lamps Vitae precisely because they provide all three infrared wavelengths in one lamp.

What kind of lighting can be used in an infrared sauna?

Our infrared lamps already emits a dim light that function as lighting for the cabin. However, additional lighting can be installed, such as: ceiling perimeter lighting, starry sky with CromoLux, backrest strip lighting and under-bench lighting.


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