Benefits of the steam bath

In summer and winter, the steam baths are very useful to restore body and mind balance and award yourself a long relaxing break.

Features and benefits of steam baths: how are they different from saunas?

Steam baths, also called hammams, are recommended in winter to prevent colds and fight muscle aches: as the body sweats it also eliminate toxins and liquids and frees the respiratory tract. In the summer it has a refreshing action, as it lowers body temperature, and exfoliates the skin for a deeper and longlasting tan. The immediate sensation of relaxation and well-being acts on the mind, helping it forget stress and tension.The temperature, lower than in saunas, does not exceed 40-45°C. This allows for longer sessions, which may range between 15 and 25 minutes, and therefore hammams are particularly suitable for those who do not like the intense heat of the sauna. It is good to interrupt each session with a refreshing shower and enjoy lying down and elaxing at the end of steam bath sessions.