Learn more about Aufguss, the spa ritual

Learn more about Aufguss, the sauna ritual “Aufguss” stands for a real wellness ritual capable of bringing great positive effects to both the body and the mind. It is a German word that means “steam infusion” and describes the effect of the practice carried out by the Aufgussmeister.Technologies have currently changed but the Aufguss was practiced in Finland in early 12th century and, today as then, it was appreciated for its extraordinary beneficial effects. But what exactly is it? This type of "steam" sauna can be defined as a real ritual that must be practiced  by a professionist, a certified Aufgussmeister. This master pours water or crushed ice onto very hot stones, to which he adds pure essential oils. The steam that is released is like a scented cloud, that is spread around by the Aufgussmeister waving a towel o a very large fan. It requires a special technique, since the temperature is high and the steam is directed toward people in the sauna, but not too close to them. This is why Aufguss saunas are usually large and comfortable, with a big sauna heater in the middle of the cabin, so the Aufgussmeister can walk all around. From hot to coldUsually, three pouring cycles are foreseen with consequent more and more intense ventilation lasting about 10 minutes. During the session, the heart rate accelerates. As soon as you get out of the sauna it is essential to cool your body to bring your heart rate back to normal frequency by taking a shower, taking a walk in the fresh air or bathing in the reaction tank. In some rituals, ice cubes or salt cubes are used as an alternative to rub on the skin to cool off The different types of Augfuss saunaThere are different types of Aufguss sauna: classic, modern, relaxation, meditative and show. The "modern" is very used by wellness centers: it involves the use of music, advanced waving techniques and particularly refined essential oils, in order to reach an extremely relaxing effect. Aufguss, the benefitsSweating, an increase in body temperature up to 39 ° C, dilation of peripheral blood vessels, a drop in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate lead to a loss of fluids of up to 1.5 liters. In this way, toxins and uric acids are eliminated, the lymphatic system is activated, with the consequent increase in immune defenses, the skin is purified and the metabolism is improved with the stimulation of blood circulation.