The benefits of the sauna

If you have just installed a Stenal sauna at home or in your Hotel, here are some useful tips on how to use it to appreciate all its benefits!

Have you just finished creating your bespoke sauna with us and cannot wait to try it out? Here are some things you should know. A proper sauna cycle should consist of at least two sessions lasting between 8 and 15 minutes. The envelloping dry heat, followed by the cold shower, stimulates the body’s natural immune system, thus eliminating impurities and toxins. We may also consider the sauna as one of metabolism’s best allies: intense heat, a real stimulus for the body, helps the process of eliminating excessive body fat and fluids.


  1. Detoxifies the body: 15 minutes of sauna eliminates the same amount of heavy metals as the kidneys in 24 hours
  2. Relaxes the muscles: the sweating process helps get rid of excess lactic acid through the dilation of blood vessels which, by increasing the flow of oxygen to the muscles, reduces swelling
  3. Strengthens the immune system: those who usually go to a sauna have a 30% less chance of getting colds
  4. Relax: Endorphins are released into the body, chemical substances that give well-being through the brain and have analgesic and physiological properties
  5. Improves Skin: Dilated blood vessels increase the flow of oxygen and fluids to skin cells, thus shedding dead skin cells. The skin will appear younger and more elastic
  6. Helps to lose weight: weight loss occurs through increased heart rate, which burns calories. It has been estimated that during a typical sauna, about 300 calories are burned
  7. Negative ions (anions)
  • slowing down the aging process
  • reduction of asthma, colds and flu
  • decreased irritability and insomnia
  • reduction of respiratory allergies

The 10 rules for a relaxing sauna at home or in a hotel

  1. Preheat the cabin by programming the temperature at about 80° C. Relative humidity will automatically decrease, settling on low values.
  2. Wash well: a lukewarm shower clears the pores and helps the skin sweat.
  3. Dry well: vigorously rubbing the skin makes you sweat immediately.
  4. Enter the sauna and turn the hourglass. Sit or lie down and relax for 8-15 minutes. You’ll start to sweat after a few minutes. If the heat is excessive, first lie on the lower bench. As soon as you get acclimatised move to the top bench.
  5. A couple of minutes before going out, pour a ladle of water on the stones of the stove. You will feel the heat rise and perspiration will increase. Breathe in deeply the scent of the essences: it is good for the respiratory tract.
  6. When the time is over, or whenever you start feeling tired, go out and take a cold shower, or the first few times, a lukewarm shower. Do not be afraid of the cold: at first you won’t even feel it and it helps to stimulate and rebalance the body.
  7. Beware of your feet temperature, if they are cold, warm them up with a warm footbath.
  8. Take a break while enjoying a few relaxing moments sitting or lying on the bed, wrapped in a bathrobe.
  9. Re-energize after the break, return to the sauna and start a second sauna session.
  10. At the end of the last relaxation session you will feel as if you were reborn, with wonderful smooth, soft skin and detoxified throughout the body. Finally, tea or juices to quench the thirst and restore the mineral-water balance.