Sauna da esterni Forest

Sauna Forest

Sauna Forest is one of the last outdoors saunas made by Stenal. Tradition and technology come together to create a product that is both comfortable and natural. The outdoor sauna has been designed to be placed in gardens, terraces or any green area dedicated to wellness.
Sauna Forest can be an addition to more professional oriented solutions like hotels, private Resorts, bed & breakfast and villages  that want to make any client and family enjoy the benefits of this outdoor spa.

The outdoor spa

The outdoor sauna Forest

Sauna Forest has been built with one target in mind: people who love nature and want to have the ultimate experience with our Sauna Forest. Stenal offers a wide range of configurations and accessories for the sauna. The most innovative CNC machines are used in order to offer precision and the best product made in Italy. This outdoor sauna can be made with woods like Antique Fir, milled Cedar, thermo-treated Ash Wood, Hemlock and Swedish Fir.
The structure has been thought to give the maximum comfort. Before you enter the sauna, there is an anteroom where you can undress and lay your clothes comfortably on the hanger or you can sit and enjoy the view after the sauna.


Stenal has thought  about everything: we can provide a touch control unit, with which you can turn on and off the sauna, regulate the temperature and the lightning, programme the sauna for another day and hour and, ultimately, stop the control system.

The lightning is made of special 3000k led that can endure high temperatures and humidity. In the outdoor sauna we can connect any smartphone with bluetooth so you can tune in to your favourite music while immersed in your surroundings. Sauna Forest has been thought for all of those people who have enough space outdoor and want to re-evaluete it with something extraordinary.

Outdoor Sauna made with Corten steel

Outdoor sauna for 6 people

Outdoor Finnish Sauna

To be one with nature is one of those things that can ease your mind and relax your body.
This is why Stenal has come up with the idea of the Sauna Forest: a product designed for outdoors spaces, completely freestanding  and the ready-made solution which can be shipped and installed in a few hours.

Outdoor Sauna for Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and Camping

Add a star on top of your professional activity, with one of ours outdoor solutions.
Any green area can be transformed into a comfortable spa for your guests.
Thanks to Stenal, having an outdoor wellness spa is not a dream anymore.

Outdoor Sauna for your garden

Sauna Forest is perfect for the coziness of your house. It is completely accessorized and it has all the benefits of a product made in Italy.
It is both sheltered and open at the same time. Its huge window with insulating glazings will allow you to enjoy the view and the sun.

We thought about everything

  • Before you enter the sauna, you need to get through a small and warm anteroom.
  • Several hangers will allow you to comfortably hang your bathrobes.
  • Once you have stepped out of the sauna you can seat on a stool and relax even more.

Take back your spaces...and more

The doors of the sauna are made in transparent glass and can be completely open in order to leave you totally at once with nature.

The outdoor Sauna Forest is customizable

milled Cedar

From: Canada

Aroma: ●●●●○

Antique Fir

From: Italia

Aroma: ●●○○○

thermo-treated Ash wood

From: Europa

Aroma: ●●●○○


From: Canada

Aroma: ●○○○○

Swedish Fir

From: Svezia

Aroma: ●●○○○

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Outdoor Sauna Made in Italy: it's the details that make the difference

Touch Control Unit

Touch controls are easy and intuitive, with the exclusive glass display.

You can:

  • Turn the sauna on and off.
  • Regulate the temperature.
  • Programme your next sauna.
  • Control the lightning.
  • Stop the interface with a combination of numbers to stop people who are not authorized to use it.


Elegant lights are installed along the walls with a system of indirect lightning.

  • Kind of lights: special LED lights resistant to high temperatures.
  • Colour of the light: warm white 3000°K

Bluetooth audio

The outdoor sauna can be equipped with an Bluetooth audio system, compatible with any device.

The outdoor Sauna Forest is a collaboration between Stenal and Il giardino di Corten

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