Biosauna: what is it and how to install it

Biosauna offers the advantage of using the sauna in double mode: as a traditional Finnish sauna and as a hot-humid sauna, with lower temperature and climate similar to the steam bath.

Discover the advantages of the Biosauna Stenal

The Biosauna is a device that permits to obtain a particular climate inside the cabin, midway between the classic Finnish sauna and the steam bath: temperature is not very high and there is a fine mist in the cabin, that helps sweating. It is especially suitable for those who do not appreciate the intense heat of the sauna; the control unit anyway can switch the mode from Biosauna to Finnish sauna, so there is the opportunity to have two techniques in one cabin.The device for Biosauna can be installed on all Stenal saunas, and thanks to the remote control unit, it is possible to set both temperature and humidity: the control unit is also equipped with an automatic program that automatically regulates the temperature on the basis of the humidity degree.