Saunas according to Stenal

Our saunas are strictly made in Italy, but their origin is very ancient and there are some variants that not everyone knows about, such as Biosaunas. Learn about the types of sauna we make.

The sauna origins

Saunas were born in Finland, where this ritual was practiced already in 1100 BC, when a hole was excavated in the ground and then covered. Today we know many different sauna methods:

The heath bath

The classic Finnish sauna (Finnische Sauna), where the temperature is brought to about 80-90 ° C using a suitable stove, consists of a first dry air bath (lasting between 8 and 10 minutes).

Heated steam cloud

A cloud of overheated steam (Löyly or Aufguss), obtained by throwing water over rocks.

Bath in the frozen water

In the Nordic countries this phase is followed by a bath in frozen water, while in others it is simply a frozen shower.

Traditional Finnis sauna

The Finnish sauna can be equipped with a wood stove, and can be specially waterproof to be placed outdoors or in the garden; you can also equip the sauna with infrared heating (infrared cabin). Today Stenal offers a modern and comfortable Finnish sauna line, revisited according to modern Italian design, which maintains constructive principles inspired by Nordic tradition and uses precious woods such as Cedar - which releases a unique and unmistakable fragrance - Hemlock, Pine and Poplar


Biosauna is a variant of the traditional Finnish sauna; it has lower temperatures, around 50 °, while a special mechanism regulates temperature and steam production so as to obtain a warm-humid environment more similar to that of the Steam bath. Also this type of sauna can be custom built by Stenal to suit the needs of the customer, and is provided as optional on the whole line of saunas.


our saunas are built respecting the the environment: we adopt materials and production systems that do not create environmental imbalances;

all wood comes from certified ecological plantations;

we produce our saunas entirely in Italy, respecting the ethics of craftsmanship and the premium quality of the authentic Made in Italy during every step of the production process.