Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna differs from the traditional Finnish sauna as the heat is emitted by special panels.

Infrared sauna: who is recommended and why

Unlike the traditional sauna, which is heated by an electric stove that spreads the heat throughout the cabin, the infrared cabin uses radiations that allow heating in deep specific parts of the body. Because of that, this sauna is usually employed for relieving muscle pain rather than for relaxing the body. The plus advantage of a Stenal infra-red cabin is that the radiant panels are hidden behind the matchboards, so the cabin looks elegant and modern.Upon request, Stenal provides solutions for infrared saunas.

The IR infra-red rays (IR-A), raise body temperature "from the inside", while long-wave rays (IR-C) and / or medium wave rays (IR-B) only heat the surface layer of the skin.Though the sensation is different from the "heath bath" experienced in the Finnish sauna, there are some situations where the infrared sauna is more effective, just because it works deeply and is thus able to reduce deep muscle tensions.

Differences between infrared heating cabins and Finnish sauna

IR-heated cabinTraditional sauna
Preparations230V single phase connectionDepending on the sauna size, up to 400V with three-phase connection
Pre-heatingFrom 0 to 20 minutes depending on the deviceFrom 20 to 60 minutes depending on the volume of the sauna
How it worksInfrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin, the surrounding air being heated only partially.The air is heated through a strong convective motion, so a widespread warmth heats the body.
TemperatureCa. 30-50°CCa. 70-110°C
StayingCa. 20-30 minutes, depending on the sauna session, maximum 60 minutes.Session of ca. 15 minutes each.
ShowerDepending on one's need, from lukewarm to coldCold
Effects with regular usageIt deepens and relaxes the muscles, delivers lymph vessels and prepares for massage.Hot-cold alternation acts as a sort of "gymnastics" for veins and strengthens the immune system.

Construction differences between infrared heated cabins and Finnish sauna

The infrared sauna differs from the traditional Finnish sauna for some details: as the heating is not done by means of the stove but by special irradiation panels, these are hidden behind the cabin structure so that they do not remain visible and the sauna design results clean and elegant.

IR-heated cabinTraditional sauna
Type of woodsFir or Hemlock matchboardsFir, Hemlock, Ancient wood, Thermowood matchboards, Cedar horizontal strips
Front wallOnly in wood, to ensure the best distribution of the panels and heat.Wood or glass
BenchesGenerally, only one level of benches. Since the heat does not rise upwards but spreads horizontally, it is not necessary to set up more levels.Two or more benches levels, depending on the size of the sauna. Because of the heat is more intense, it is mandatory to use an athermic wood for the benches.
Maximun seats2 - 3 seats10 - 12 seats