A steam bath in your home

Create your steam bath accordingly to your needs: masonry or prefabricated, the steam bath will become your personal wellness area.

A steam bath in your home is like having an ally against stress and a beauty centre at hand every day. Stenal solutions are tailored to your needs and spaces.

The steam bath in your home turns into a magical place where the stress and the frenetic rhythms of everyday life dissolve, leaving space for calm and reconciliation with yourself.A Stenal hammam means style, modern design and an enveloping atmospheres made of water and steam, accompanied by aromatic fragrances and soft lights.The temperature, lower than in saunas, does not exceed 40-45°C. This allows for longer sessions, which may range between 15 and 25 minutes, and therefore hammams are particularly suitable for those who do not like the intense heat of the sauna.Stenal experience and technology can also transform every shower box into the exclusive meditation and wellness space of a home steam bath. Refined solutions and functional elements guarantee a perfect and long-lasting cabin, your personal relaxation oasis.