Types of wood for the sauna

Our customized solutions allow not only to adapt the size of the sauna to individual designs, but also to personalize aesthetics and details, characterizing what will be a unique piece: no two saunas are alike.The type of wood you choose is crucial to defining the "personality" of the sauna; you can opt for a rustic effect, or go for a more modern look, choose a minimalistic design or a more baroque style, widening the spaces with bright windows or choosing full walls to recreate a more intimate and traditional atmosphere.

Types of wood

Ancient wood sauna

This type of wood comes from mountain huts and is used to give the walls of the sauna a rustic appearance; its natural irregularity highlights the natural beauty of the wood, which increases with age.

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Cedar wood sauna

This type of wood comes from Canada and the complexity of the craftmanship requires special technical skills and experience. It is used to make bespoke saunas because of its elegant beauty and natural aroma: it constantly releases an intense fragrance, exalted by the heat of the sauna. The strips of wood are applied manually, for a changing effect and unmatched quality. The sauna benches are also made of cedar strips, giving the Elite line maximum prestige.

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Ash wood sauna

Thermo-wood is thermo-treated Ashwood, which gives it a dark effect characterized by accentuated veins. For this reason, Thermo-wood saunas are ideal to create chromatic contrasts, or in environments where dark wengè shades are preferred. These saunas look modern and bright, as the benches and the back wall can be made of Linden wood, in contrast with the side walls and the ceiling.

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Linden wood sauna

In the Middle Ages, the linden tree was known as "lignum sacrum" (sacred wood), as religious constructions where mostly built using this wood. Trees grow across south-eastern Europe, they can reach a height of 30 meters and live long. The wood is yellow-white or pale pink-tending to white. It can be combined with dark woods to obtain strong color contrasts.

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Poplar wood sauna

Poplar wood is pale yellow to white, and typically has a straight, uniform grain. Although is a very resistant wood, it can be also easily worked and shaped. With its bright texture, it is a perfect choice to convey an atmosphere of suspended time.

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Hemlock wood sauna

Hemlock, a Canadian conifer, is a durable wood, characterized by its warm color and uniform texture, and is combined with contemporary details such as large and bright tempered glass walls and strip led lighting. For home saunas, the Topclass sauna line is designed to accommodate a modern and versatile Finnish cabin, in a recess or with elegant side walls.

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Fir wood sauna

Traditional saunas that respect Nordic criteria and offer the authenticity of Finnish culture: the light brown color and the presence of visible knots make this wood stand out from the best selections of Swedish plantations. Responsible use and sustainable management of forest wood make sure we respect nature during every step of the production process. The Elegant line is defined by a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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