The number 6

The Number 6

The seventeenth-century Valperga Palace, in the heart of Turin, was transformed during the eighteenth century as one of the greatest examples of noble architecture, becoming residence of distinguished guests including the Savoy family and Cardinal Roncalli, the future Pope John XXIII. The Art Director Richi Ferrero and the Building Engineering team worked on a careful restoration of sculptural and pictorial heritage combining it with modern materials, suggestive lighting, recovery and enhancement of the common parts, working with Stenal for the realization of the residential spa.

The wellness area includes an original interpretation of the Elite sauna, made of Cedar wood in horizontal strips, a customer-made steam bath has been realized in strict compliance with the Designer requests, and the Emotion Ray experience shower, the top product of Stenal’s experience showers line combining water effects, chromo and aroma therapy. The prestige of this SPA has contributed to award “The Number 6” building as 2015 Best Refurbishment Building Worldwide according to Archdaily, the most visited architecture website in the world that is able to combine the past art with functionality, design and modern materials lead to a perfectly balanced building, unique in the world.

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