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Belfiore Park Hotel – Dhara Wellness & Spa, Garda Lake

The Hotel Belfiore, located in the amazing landscape of Garda Lake and designed by the architect Alberto Apostoli, is a fusion between modern design and the ancient principles of Ayurveda philosophy. The spa, extending over an area of ​​over 450 square meters, is a tribute to Oriental culture while remaining a fluid space linked to the territory of Garda, embracing its majestic nature. In fact, in the SPA area it is accessed through a path bounded by the shape of the adjacent mountain, on which the building is founded: here stands out a large olive tree placed inside the area during the construction works of the center and coming from the adjoining land owned by the Hotel. The choice of wellness center materials aims to create a profoundly distinctive environment: Stenal’s prestigious sauna uses the olive wood for the interior and special wood-stripes panels for the outer coating. Local stone has been used for different parts of the spa, that employes also non-local materials such as bamboo and some paintings typical of Indian tradition. Dhara spa is a very homogeneous space but at the same time rich in innovative solutions and advanced technology, such as the one installed by Stenal in the Turkish bath.

  Public spas

  Brenzone, Garda Lake, Italy

  2010 – 2011