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Year: 2021
Via Giuseppe Maffioli, 1, 31100 Treviso, TV, Italia, Italy

Adriano Panatta Racquet Club

We are very proud of one of our latest works: the construction and installation of the wellness center at Adriano Panatta Racquet Club in Treviso, opened just a few weeks ago: a 5-million-euro complex that the world tennis champion Adriano Panatta builded near Treviso, in the North of Italy. A leading facility dedicated to sportsmen, tennis players but not only, which extends over 2 hectares in the open air: a place where, as Adriano Panatta says, he was welcomed with "sympathy and heart feelings from the whole city".

The Club is opened also to lovers of relaxation and wellness, and to those who are looking for a complete spa, where people can slow down and dedicate a moment to themselves. The modern and functional Wellness area designed and installed by Stenal welcomes both club users and external customers and, as Panatta told, the idea to have an outstanding spa was one of the aspects that most excited Adriano Panatta when he decided to start his ambitious project.

The former tennis player relied on Stenal both during the planning stage, to identify together with the team of Stenal’s professionals the best equipment for the spa and the wellness programs designed for the specific users of the Raquet Club, and during the subsequent phase, when Stenal carried out the design of the wellness centre; the construction of each wellness facility was followed by Stenal with the utmost care, ensuring a final result extremely faithful to the expectations of the customer.

For the spa imagined by Adriano Panatta, Stenal has chosen the best materials combined with the latest technologies. The sauna is an Elite model that has been custom built in refined cedar wood, that releases an intense and natural scent.

The steam bath of the Customer line by Stenal has been customized with elegant construction details and optionals such as aromatherapy and music therapy, using, for the coverings, tiles with soft and bright textures. Functional elements, like the cube for the steam outlet, are designed to blend into the whole design.

Another feature of this spa created by Stenal is that of careful consideration of the wellness equipment such as the ice fountain and the experience showers.

The ice fall has been placed to be easily accessible from the cabins in the dry area; it is enriched with backlight and a timing that avoids waste or excessive production of ice flakes.

The Paradise experience showers path is one of the most evocative equipment for the wellness area: it is a sensory showers tunnel where each stage corresponds to a mix of effects of light, water and balsamic essence with different scents.

The relaxation areas have been designed to ensure a feeling of peace and well-being in environments characterized by brightness and elegance: each relaxation area has been furnished with the padded chaise longue of the Alba line, that are professional ergonomic relax beds designed by Stenal to ensure, through the correct posture of the back and legs, maximum comfort after the sauna or the steam bath.

Finally, the wooden dividing elements made it possible to dedicate an area, at the hearth of the wellness centre, to the hydromassage pool and the couples' spa, where Stenal created a refined boiserie in pink Himalayan salt bricks.

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