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Year: 2017
Verona, VR, Italia, Italy

Residence in Verona 


The construction of this amazing steam bath for a high-level private residence is a demonstration of how the Stenal style is eclectic and able to fit perfectly the personality of its Client. 


Those who wish to house a custom-made hammam in their home often want to obtain a unique, unrepeatable Turkish bath, to be customized with original finishes, such as a sumptuous mosaic, shapes and elements that meet the tastes and spaces available. 


With this splendid installation of a Turkish bath from Customer line, Stenal has created a technically excellent steam cabin, with the same performance of a professional steam bath: the entire cabin has been built in Stenal factory, where all the hydraulic pipes and electrical connections are arranged before delivery in order to ensure the optimal steam and heat distribution once the Turkish bath is installed. 


 The wide flexibility in the choice of optionals, such as the lighting under the benches via stripled and the presence or absence of the backrest, and the decorative elements, such as the elegant cube for the steam outlet, complete the magic of the Turkish bath Customer that Stenal has imagined for the private spa.


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