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Aldiana Club
Aldiana Club
Year: 2019
Aldiana Club Calabria, Villapiana Scalo, CS, Italia, Italy

Aldiana Club – Calabria

Aldiana Club, located along the Ionian coast, is an elegant 5-star resort, the result of a total investment of 49 million euros. The Resort is the perfect destination for those who want to explore the beautiful Italian region named Calabria, practice fitness and water sports, or dedicate themselves to a holiday of perfect relaxation: here guests will find an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, 324 deluxe and standard suites and the brand new Welldiana wellness center & Spa created by Stenal, opened in 2019, whose breadth and originality have made the Aldiana Club one of the most requested national and international spa destinations. The luxury category of the Resort required the construction of a particularly large and important wellness center, where each cabin of the spa is comfortable and elegant. Characterization and originality were the fundamental elements used by Stenal for the proposal of the concept in the design phase of the spa, while the most advanced technological solutions were used in the construction phase. It was thus possible to create truly unique and extraordinary cabins:
the Volcano sauna, a sauna that can house up to 50 people. Inside the sauna has three levels of benches and there is a stone-covered stove, designed to host the Aufguss ritual, one of the most loved and appreciated "sauna show", practiced by the Aufgussmeister, a real professional in this art (read this article for more information about Aufguss in the sauna). To obtain the "Volcano" effect, the sauna was made of naturally treated Ash wood to obtain a burnished effect, and embellished on the back wall by a woodshed and a wall backlit by stripleds that reproduce the burning of the lava;

the Women's Finnish sauna is a cabin almost six meters wide by four and a half meters deep; Hemlock wood was chosen for this sauna, a wood without knots with a warm texture, highlighted by the pink light coming from the pink Himalayan salt bricks wall: the salty aroma and the great light effect make this sauna really impressive.

The building of the custom-made steam bath by Stenal was aimed to create an aromatic steam cabin, where an automatic program spreads in the room four different types of balsamic fragrances. Each aroma corresponds to a different light color coming from the optical fibers on the ceiling, which illuminate the steam bath like the vault of a starry sky; while the steam comes out from the central cube, the atmosphere is made even more evocative by the spread of music through special waterproof audio speakers.

After the session in the sauna and in the Turkish bath, which are the two key elements of the hot area of ​​the spa, it is possible to cool off in the large ice room located along the wellness path and built by Stenal to accommodate up to 12 people: a sort of modern, elegant igloo, where two cooling walls are covered with a real layer of ice, which is also produced in flakes by a special technology hidden in a technical compartment behind the cabin, so that customers can collect it and use it from time to time time, thus also ensuring high hygiene standards.

In the wet area, where water is the main feature, Stenal has imagined a journey through scents and lights capable of reviving in the wellness area the magical atmospheres of sunsets: Paradise experience showers tunnel is a multi-sensory stages path in succession, that consists of four "experience showerhead", ceiling elements where Stenal technology is able to create, through the mix of water jets, lights and scents, four scenarios different from time to time, ranging from tropical storms to arctic mists, to jungle rains or warm savannah climates.

Welldiana spa is a cutting-edge spa: it offers an holistic and complete experience, which also involves the well-being of the feet, one of the heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During the planning of the wellness area, this aspect was enhanced by introducing the Foot spa, a special plantar hydromassage with six individual stations, each of which is made of Corian and equipped with a heated bench to make sitting even more comfortable.

The Tepidarium relaxation area by Stenal is an innovative solution, able to create a scenographic environment even into a traditionally essential space such as the relax room: in the center of the room, a particular illuminated stove heats the environment, while an automatic system sprayes some scented water over the hot stones. The lights change color, and the perfumed air envelops the guest in a very special atmosphere, which is completed with the deep sense of relaxation offered by the padded Alba beds, the ergonomic seats certified in class 1 IM that Stenal has designed. specifically for the professional wellness center.

An additional relaxation area has been placed next to the Polaris cabin, furnished with anatomical Alba Plus beds: the chaise longues of this series are electrically heated by low voltage carbon resistors, which evenly distribute the heat on the surface, making the stay on these beds particularly pleasant spa after the cooling stay in the ice room.

In a prestigious wellness center, a refined Spa Suite could not be missing, an area of ​​the wellness center characterized by an intimate and exclusive environment that can be used as a couple's spa or as an area capable of generating separate business opportunities: guests will have available cabins of the highest level such as the Elite sauna by Stenal in Cedar wood, a naturally aromatic timber with particular shades of red; the Hammam by Stenal is an environment similar to the steam bath and equipped to host beauty rituals, massages and treatments; the Island experience showers path and finally a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub.

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