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Year: 2011
Cala Ginepro Hotel, Viale Cala Ginepro, Nuoro, NU, Italia

Cala Ginepro Resort & spa

The Hotel Cala Ginepro Resort & Spa is located in the natural bay of the Gulf of Orosei, on the North Eastern coast of Sardinia. Immersed in nature and in the greenery of the refined gardens, the Resort enjoys a privileged position: it is in fact located a few steps from one of the most famous white sand beaches of Sardinia and offers one of its renowned crystal clearest waters. Templum Salutis is the exclusive wellness area of the Resort: the design and construction of the spa were commissioned to Stenal to create an oasis of well-being. There guests can find a gym overlooking the indoor pool, an hammam, a traditional and bio sauna, a Kneipp path, a frigidarium with ice waterfall, hot and cold experience showers with lights and aromatherapy, and a relaxation area with heated beds and herbal tea.

The bio sauna of the Elegant line was custom built by Stenal to stimulate wellbeing of body and mind. Bio sauna is a cabin that has both the characteristics of a Finnish dry heat sauna and the humidity of a steam bath; it is therefore an excellent treatment for skin purification and for the improvement of cell turnover.

In the frigidarium, the ice fountain created by Stenal is used as a reaction to hot baths, to stimulate and improve blood circulation.

Even the Ray and Volga experience showers, produced by Stenal, perform an invigorating function, and are also real stimulating multisensory treatments, which use jets of water, aromas and different colours to give life to warm and cold atmospheres , each activated by a dedicated showerhead.

The Kneipp path by Stenal is a path that exploits the benefits given by the alternating passage in tubs with hot and cold water and the physiological foot massage that is activated by walking on a cobbled ground.

The thermo-heated relaxation beds, designed and manufactured by Stenal with long-lasting professional technologies and materials, are an evolution of the classic relaxation loungers, and welcome guests with an extra pampering

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