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Year: 2019
Ekhi, Viale del Lavoro, San Martino Buon Albergo, VR, Italia, Italy

Ekhi, Verona

Ekhi spa is a refined Day Spa not far from the center of Verona: here you can spend an entire day of well-being in welcoming environments, designed to offer an intense and lasting experience. The beauty & wellness offer is in fact very rich: 8 dedicated cabins for each treatment, the most recent spa equipment and consultants at disposal for planning your individual wellness journey  make the Ekhi center an unmissable destination for all wellness lovers. As proof of how important it is to update the wellness offer even if the spa already has many rooms, in 2019 Stenal created a truly unique steam bath for this amazing spa, both for the design and for the technological solutions adopted.

A large tempered glass wall reveals the interiors of this steam cabin with impressive dimensions, balanced shapes and warm colours; a long bench runs on all three sides, while the central cube works as steam outlet and design element, a dark shape in contrast with the light walls. In the construction of the Turkish bath, Stenal has given great importance to two aspects that should always be taken into great consideration. The multi-sensory experience during the session is achieved with music spread through special waterproof loudspeakers, and with balsamic fragrances mixed to the steam through an automatic dosing system.
The proper air circulation is ensured by Stenal's AirSystem technology, a system that allows the steam to be evenly distributed from floor to ceiling and the cabin to dry quickly at the end of use, thus avoiding stagnation of water.


The innovative Stenal treatment cabin has been designed to offer the possibility of practicing a very wide range of rituals thanks to the steam heating system and to the Stone Q savonage bed, a special treatment table made of quartzite, a stone containing particles of active silver, with antibacterial function. Stone Q is designed to support the operator during all his work, making the treatment easy to be carried out and very pleasant for the customer, thanks to the heated surface with adjustable temperature. The side drains allow to eliminate residues quickly, and the mud settling tank inside helps cleaning the disposal at the end of the day.

Reference in: Ekhi