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Year: 2017
Hotel Granduca Grosseto, Via Senese, Grosseto, GR, Italia

Hotel Granduca Grosseto

Hotel Grosseto is a 4-star hotel located in Tuscany, a few minutes from Grosseto and from ​​Marina beach; it has 72 rooms on 4 floors, equipped with the most modern comforts, and is the ideal choice for relaxing or business stays.

To offer a wider range of services to Customers that travel for work or tourism, starting from 2017 the Hotel now houses a wellness centre designed and built according to a modern and functional concept. The brand new spa develops on 600 square meters, where guests can find a swimming pool with whirlpools, water blades and counter-current swimming, a Finnish sauna in cedar wood, a steam bath, an experience showers tunnel and a Kneipp path.

The collaboration with Stenal made it possible to create the spa with prestigious and modern elements, focusing on a well-developed but not dispersive wellness path, with the top range Finnish sauna of the Elite line, a cabin made of aromatic cedar wood; it is a timber that naturally releases an unmistakable scent, enhanced by the heat of the sauna. Choosing the Elite professional sauna in the spa offers the certainty of surprising guests with a unique experience, different from that of the "classic" Finnish saunas: to make the stay even more impressive, the sauna has been equipped with audio speakers for the music and with RGB LED lighting under the bench that change colour; on the ceiling, the amazing starry sky with perimeter spotlights always ensures the correct amount of light, in order to maintain the right atmosphere and the highest level of relaxation.

The professional steam bath of the Customer line, also with a large and bright crystal front window, was custom made to be symmetrical to the sauna; in fact we find the same type of lighting, music therapy and two service hand showers next to the steam cubes, to give guests the opportunity to comfortably take a seat during the session.

The Paradise sensory showers path is a sequence of experience showers, each characterized by a specific water effect, which are combined with warm or cold lights and scented balsamic aromas, with a refreshing or energizing effect. The advantage of hosting a Stenal’s experience showers path inside the wellness center is undoubtedly that of creating a 360 degree corner of wellbeing even in a small space. Paradise experience showers are useful not only for resting after the sauna and steam bath, but also for involving guests in a memorable experience, which will amaze them at every step in a change of unique and unexpected settings.

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