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Year: 2019
Tenuta Contessa - Relais Country House, Loc. Contessa Soprana, Lattarico, CS,, Italy

Tenuta Contessa

If you have ever wondered what are the perfect elements of a Bio Wellness & Wine Spa, you cannot fail to be fascinated and delighted by Escape, the wine spa created by Stenal in 2019 for the Tenuta Contessa Relais Country House, a prestigious manor house lying on the hills of Lattarico, in Calabria, that has all the charm of the ancient with the modern luxury and comforts worthy of a truly exclusive wedding location.

From the windows of Escape spa you can admire the breathtaking landscape that sweeps over the Pollino Mountains, the greenery of the farm, the countryside, the olive trees and the vineyards from which originate the precious natural products used for the treatments.

The construction of this stunning Bio Wellness & Wine Spa, which is spread over 260 square meters, was preceded by an accurate planning and designing of the wellness center, aimed to bring out the distinctive elements of the territory and of the building. This lead to a unique wellness area, capable of offering a multisensory and engaging experience. The refined elegance of the marbles blends with the soul of the rural world, to give life to a refuge from chaos, suspended between history and nature. Here the wellness cabins created by Stenal have been chosen both to be enjoyed by guests both as they prefer both in two different wellness programs. The Energizing path includes in sequence:

1) a session in the Topclass sauna, custom made by Stenal of bright Hemlock wood and equipped with a large window that offers a breathtaking view of the landscape;

2) the use of the Scottish shower, also called bucket shower, a fall shower with an immediate cooling effect consisting of a bucket automatically filled with cold water that suddenly spills over on the user by pulling the chain;

3) immersion in the hot tub;

4) a session in the Steam bath: this equipment is produced by Stenal to ensure the highest performance, thanks to the optimal distribution of steam inside the cabin and to a special type of insulation that avoids heat loss. In addition to professional technology, the Customer steam bath line offers a wide range of customizations, and is custom made from time to time: this is why this steam bath, scented with the aromas of Tenuta Contessa, is unique in the world;

5) cooling through the ice flakes produced by the ice fountain: in Nordic and in particular in Finnish tradition, after the heat bath men used to dive into the snow to cool down the body. The Artic ice bowl is made of stone and glass with Stenal's distinctive made in Italy design, and is easily accessible from all equipment along the wellness journey; this solution has been achieved by installing the ice-making equipment on the ceiling, hidden by a plasterboard, so as to make the ice fall a strategic hub of the spa;

6) the walk through the experience showers of the Island sensory path, a “tunnel” where Stenal technology recreates multisensory atmospheres; each ceiling corresponds to a jet of water that differs from the other in terms of: water temperature and intensity, aromatic fragrance with essential oils, and a lights that change in warm or cold shades. Each effect is sequential and is activated automatically after the end of the previous one, so that the user can first experience the cold atmospheres of arctic mists, then move to the next ceiling showerhead and immerse himself in the heat of a tropical storm, finally ending with a “Jungle” shower with two water blades, scented with flowers aromas and illuminated by green light;

7) finally, guest can lie down in the relaxation area, where they can dink an herbal tea, or they can sit in one of the amazing relaxation chairs suspended over the water, ending the Energizing path after overall a hour and a half.

The Relaxing path, on the other hand, includes the sequence: Whirpool -> Topclass Sauna -> Experience showers path Island -> Customer steam bath -> Ice fountain -> Relax, ending again with the hot tub.

Reference in Tenuta Contessa:

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