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Year: 2017
Villa Minieri Eventi & Resort, Via San Francesco, Nola, NA,, Italy

Villa Minieri Eventi & Resort

Villa Minieri is a prestigious location for events and weddings close to Nola, a city 35-minute drive from Naples. Surrounded by a 30,000 m² garden, it offers almost two wide rooms for wedding receptions including the prestigious Sala Cappuccini, refined and elegant, that can house up to 240 guests. In 2017, the Villa was embellished by the important construction of the wellness centre by Stenal: the purpose was not only to offer an added value to the excellent proposal that Villa Minieri dedicates to the newlyweds, but also to generate new business  opportunities, opening the doors of the spa to selected and demanding customers, thus increasing the turnover of the Resort in every season. The design of the spa took into account the need to set up a complete wellness program, respecting the principle of hot-cold alternation, with cabins at different temperatures and in harmony with each other both in terms of spatial arrangement and visual layout. All Stenal cabins in the wellness area are characterized by bright windows, as the ambient lighting is deliberately low and suffused; in the large sauna of the Topclass line, which acts as both a dry sauna and a wet sauna thanks to the double device called biosauna, the light comes from behind the backrest, while the double row of benches allows guests to comfortably take a seat while the mood is kept quiet and relaxed.
Between the sauna and the steam bath we find a comfortable compartment that houses the bucket shower - also called rustic or reaction shower - where a flow of cold water suddenly overturns over the user, in true Viking style, ideal for fast cooling the body before bathing in the warmth of the Customer steam bath by Stenal, built with the beautiful element of the cube that releases the steam and with the starry sky on the ceiling, a multitude of spotlights that softly change colour creating a magical and suggestive atmosphere.
The choice to include the Paradise experience showers path was strategic both from an architectural point of view, for the optimal use of the space, and from a commercial perspective, in order to meet the expectations of customers.
The ice fountain is placed to be easily accessible from both the sauna and the Turkish bath; the Tundra ice collection tank, in wood and glass, is not only functional but also a modern, decorative element, while the steel slide on the ceiling allows to make the most of the spaces dedicated to the technical plants.
The experience showers tunnel
is in fact "an experience inside the experience", a sort of small autonomous spa where, through a multi-stage walkway, the user stops under a particular ceiling showerhead capable of recreating, through the presence of lights, jets of water and even scents based on natural essential oils, a unique setting: you go from arctic fog to a warm tropical storm, followed by an Amazonian jet with lights in shades of green and then ending with the joyful atmospheres of a deluge rain under a cascade of yellow light.

To relax at the end or during the wellness program, the relaxation space has been designed with great care to offer comfortable spaced-out positions, privacy and a truly effective rest thanks to the ergonomic padded Alba beds, among the very few to possess the 1IM certification for professional use and to guarantee the body and the legs the optimal inclination to promote circulation after the sauna and steam bath session.

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