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Year: 2018
Brescia, BS,, Italy

Private Residence, Brescia

Can a home spa perform like a professional wellness centre? Planning and building a wellness space in your home, as well as installing a sauna or a steam bath for private use, requires the skills of professionals who know the constraints and the technical requirements of each plant. For the private spa to be truly performing, a mix of professional skills is required ranging from carpentry to plumbing and to electrical systems. Relying on a unique partner such as Stenal, therefore, offers the guarantee of experience a truly personal and functional wellness space, as happened in the creation of this superb private spa in a residence in the North Itlay. Even before the economic quotation, Stenal focused on the needs of the Customer and of all potential users of the home spa.


Thus, the Clients preferred an infrared sauna, that could reduce consumption (just think that the sauna, 8 cubic meters in volume, works with a power supply of just 2.7 kW, half of the power needed for a Finnish sauna with the same volume), and bring different benefits from the Finnish sauna; the infrared sauna differs from the traditional one for the type of heat, which, instead of being intense and distributed throughout the cabin as in the classic "dry heat bath," is localized and aimed at heating only the deeper layers of the skin. Infra-red sauna is therefore ideal for releasing deep muscle tension or as preparation for massage. In the infra-red saunas produced by Stenal, a particular type of lamps is used, the Philips Vitae, which offer the best combination of infrared rays IR-A, IR-B and IR-C, heating the subcutaneous tissue from the inside up to 5mm in depth.


This does not mean that the infrared sauna cannot be customized and tailor made: this magnificent infrared sauna in Linden wood, with large glass walls and sloping roof that fits existing spaces is exactly what the customer dreamed to obtain. To have a properly heated environment, the infrared lamps were also positioned at the front, using the expedient of two wooden columns which allowed to keep the glass side, according to the wishes of the Client, at the same time creating a support for the functional heating elements, as well as for the thermometer and the hourglass. The infrared cabin is made even more welcoming by RGB lighting and bluetooth-controlled loudspeakers, thus customizing the infrared sauna accordingly to the tastes of the owner.


The amazing steam bath of the Customer line by Stenal was custom made to be perfectly symmetrical to the sauna; a very important element to consider when the sauna and turkish bath are placed side by side in the same environment is also that of the homogeneity between the cabins, which must be in harmony with each other. After the construction and the installation, the steam bath was covered with a very particular and refined tiling. During the steam session, our Customers could appreciate all the comforts offered by Stenal technology, such as the impressive starry sky on the ceiling with delicate color-changing lights effects and RGB lighting under the benches, coordinated with that of the sauna; Customer steam bath models comes with accessories such as the hand shower with mixer, to cool off without leaving the turkish bath, details such as the discreet steam outlets installed at a safe height, and finally low consumption, reduced to just 5 kW despite the size of the cabin.


A semicircular shower structure with two recessed shelves frames the Ray Plus experience shower, a sensory shower designed for both the professional spa and the private wellness area. The experience shower in the home spa works both as a classic shower for everyday use, and as a reactions shower after the sauna and Turkish bath: through the hot / cold thermal shock, the experience shower acts as an optimal tool to tone the tissues. The supplied button panel also allows to enhance the feeling of well-being thanks to two distinct programs, each characterized by chromotherapy, the diffusion of particular essences and a massaging or refreshing jet of water.


The Ray Plus sensory shower offers high-level features such as the thermostatic mixer, which keeps the water at the preset temperature, allowing maximum relaxation during the shower. If the water flow is interrupted (eg to make shampoo), when the thermostatic mixer is reactivated the water temperature will be the same as before the closure. Installing a multi-sensory shower at home requires only a normal hot and cold water supply, a simple direct drain to avoid stagnation, and the traditional electrical plant.

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