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Year: 2016
Aqua Sana Spa Sherwood Forest

Aqua Sana Spa Sherwood ForestUnited Kingdom

One of the most amazing spa in the UK, in a legendary forest: the saunas built by Stenal for Aqua Sana, the British brand of luxury spa. With six spa areas and 25 different spa experiences, Aqua Sana Sherwood joins the other five successful spa resorts in the UK, all surrounded by the rich woody vegetation and the utmost relaxation.

Kay Pennington, Spa Manager at Aqua Sana Group, said: 'We are excited to introduce Aqua Sana Sherwood Forest after two years of research, design and renovation. The new concept of Forest spa embraces the power of nature and allows guests to immerse themselves in a unique natural heritage.'

Within a few weeks of opening, Sherwood Forest Spa received the prestigious 5 bubbles, the highest score awarded by the Good Spa Guide.

The Good Spa Guide is the UK's national spa rating system. Every year, its Spa Spies™ evaluate hundreds of spa centres across the UK. The audit includes 88 criteria, which must be met to achieve a score ranging from 3 to 5 luxury bubbles, taking into account issues such as customer service, cleanliness, maintenance, wellness experience, environment and design.

Vulcano sauna:

the Volcano sauna created by Stenal is an impressive Finnish cabin more than 5 meters wide. For its construction were employed both cedar wood, known for its warm red shades and for the natural aroma that is released when the sauna is heated, and burnished Ash wood; the lighting is entrusted to red stripled lights placed under the benches, while on the back wall a spectacular "brazier", placed above the stove and made with lava stones backlit by red LEDs, perfectly recreates the suggestions of the volcano.

Treetop Sauna:

Aqua Sana chooses Stenal for Sherwood Forest: we are proud to introduce you the new experience of a unique sauna, built between the tree fringes at 10 meters high.

Jewel of the new Aqua Sana spa, Stenal's Treetop Sauna offers stunning views of Sherwood Forest; built on a special platform, this sauna perfectly reflects the Forest spa concept. Large panoramic windows bring guests a step closer to the beautiful forest, while the heat offers all the benefits of the Nordic tradition.

Nordic Forest Sauna:

with its walls and ceiling made of ancient wood, the Nordic sauna built by Stenal returns the experience of a timeless place. As you relax on Ayous wooden benches, through the window you can breathe the quiet of the forest, between the murmur of the trees and the birds' songs. Each of the Stenal saunas made for Aqua Sana will be unforgettable every season of the year.

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