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Year: 2012
Centro Natatorio Rovereto

Centro Natatorio Leno

Opened in November 17 2012, the new spa built by Stenal for the sports hall Centro Natatorio Leno 2001 based in Rovereto is the flagship of sports facilities in the Province of Trento, Italy. The Centre is attended by thousands of users of all ages, for whom the operators wanted a wellness area that meets the needs of both sportsmen and many fitness enthusiasts.


Stenal achieved a complete wellness solution by building three different types of sauna – a wet Biosauna in Hemlock wood, where it is possible to breathe balsamic vapors, a dry Finnish sauna from Topclass line and a halos sauna with sea salt panels coming from the renowned Sicilian salt caves. The wet area features a large steam bath from Stenal’s Customer line and a Polaris ice cabin, furnished with elegant seating in CorianTM from Stenal’s Corinne collection.


Along the wellness path, the experience showers and the relaxation room offer moments of deep restoration and entertainment thanks to the amazing atmosphere obtained with combinations of lights, scents and water effects at different temperatures.


The renovation of the wellness area, very innovative thanks to the construction solutions adopted and the quality of the materials and finishes, has relaunched the Swimming Center as a modern and functional place.

Finnish sauna Topclass
Bio sauna Topclass
Halos sauna with marine salt panels
Steam bath Customer
Four stage experience shower path
Polaris ice cabin