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Year: 2019
The Hong Kong Golf Club, 19 Island Rd, Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Fanling Golf Club

The Royal Hong Kong Golf Club was founded in 1889; since 1959 it has been home to the Hong Kong Open, a proof of the quality level and excellence of its green.


The Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling houses three 18-hole courses and dedicated training courses, but not only: the wide green park is home to nearly 100 different species of trees on the property, including three species that are considered by the Hong Kong Government as ancient and precious and are therefore protected by law.

The stay is certainly at the height of the golfing experience: the modern rooms, equipped with all comforts, overlook the green, and since 2019 guests can live the experience of spending a time dedicated to authentic relaxation and self-care at the brand new spa. The installation of the wellness centre came after many briefing with the Customer and after a careful planning stage: an accurate consulting and design phase has been one of the key points for the success of the entire project, that turned into the construction and the final installation of the spa with great satisfaction of the Client.

In such a unique place in the world, the spa is also a place of inspiration and refinement. Each wellness cabin has been built by combining functionality and aesthetics, as the beautiful biosauna that develops harmoniously following the layout of the room. One of the requests was not to have demolition works in the room, therefore the pre-existing architectural elements were integrated into the construction of the cabin through a skilful craftsmanship. The bio sauna is spacious and elegant, thanks to the lighting coming both from the large windows, from which guests can overlook the wellness centre, and from the ceiling lights. A modern-looking sauna does not have to give up comfort: all benches have been made in Ayous timber and equipped with a backrest, also in athermic wood, so that the seats do not burn; the vertical panelling of the benches also reduces the volume of the cabin and therefore the volume of air to be heated, optimizing power consumption.


The construction of the beautiful custom-made steam bath of the Customer line was distinguished by the focus on some unmissable elements for the creation of a scenographic and efficient steam cabin. The highest quality of the materials guarantees maximum insulation and the correct steam saturation; an accurate technical planning allowed, as for the sauna, to adapt the shape of the Turkish bath to the plan of the room; the benches are ergonomic, with a wide backrest and rounded edges suitable for a complete relaxation of the legs and arms; the lighting through perimeter stripled under the seats and through ceiling spotlights, that recreate the magic of a starry sky, immediately invites guests to relax, while the music spread by special waterproof audio speakers completes the experience of unprecedented well-being offered by a Stenal steam bath.


The ice fountain is a particularly appreciated element along the wellness journey. It is used to quickly cool down the body after the sauna and steam bath: the cold stimulates blood circulation and tones the skin. The Stenal icefall at the Fanling Golf Club is not only functional: its circular shape and marble finishing make it perfectly embraced into the environment, and its elegant structure is enhanced by the lighting. Functional elements like the stainless slide are made minimal, to obtain once again a visual impact of great harmony and elegance.

Reference: Fanling Golf Club

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Fanling Golf Club

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