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Anno: 2019
Grand Hotel Terme & Spa, Viale Stazione, Montegrotto Terme, PD,, Italy

Grand Hotel Terme & Spa, Padova

The Grand Hotel Terme & Spa in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, is a 5-star hotel that has been constantly working for over 30 years to offer its guests a luxury stay, focused on well-being and quality. The thermal district of ​​Abano and Montegrotto is known both in Italy and abroad for the precious springs of hyperthermal water and biothermal clay, that made this area famous since ancient times.


In the Spa Luxury, the Grand Hotel Terme & Spa offers indoor and outdoor thermal pools, and a wellness program developed on 1,800 square meters with saunas, steam bath, experience showers and thalasso cabins of, while the Maison de Beautè offers over 50 massages and personalized treatments.

The recent renovation of the wet area of ​​the spa saw Stenal the protagonist of the prestigious production and istallation of two cabins: the aromatic steam bath and the ice fountain, two facilities that are of great importance along the wellness path. The steam bath built by Stenal is characterized by large dimensions (about 3 meters in width and depth) and by a large front window with a central door in tempered glass. The shape of the benches, that run along the entire perimeter of the steam cabin, are modern and essential and give, together with the whiteness of the covering, an elegant look to the whole structure, enhanced by the indirect and soft lighting under the seats and along the perimeter of the ceiling.
On a technical perspective, the Customer steam bath has some construction features that can make the difference in a cabin designed for intensive professional use; for example, the Stenal Air System ventilation system allows a constant recirculation of the air inside the cabin, ensuring the correct saturation of steam and quick drying at the end of the day, an aspect that allows to avoid both bad smells due to the formation of stagnant water and the appearance of mold.


Every detail in a Stenal steam bath is designed to offer a "five-star" cabin: the steam is released through a central cube, and all the equipment, such as the handshowers, used to cool off the body and sanitize the benches, the call button and loudspeakers, are designed and produced by Stenal to be discreet and modern, so that the guest can enjoy relaxation through all the senses; every Stenal professional steam bath is also equipped with an automatic dosing system for a balsamic scent at choice, so that all the senses are involved during the session in the steam cabin.


The ice fall was created by Stenal with shapes and volumes in contrast with the whiteness of the steam bath. The ice fountain had to be placed in a central position, to be accessible from all cabins within the wellness path, so the ice-making technique has been installed on the ceiling, hidden by a plasterboard covering; in this way the ice flakes fall from above through the steel tube and are collected in the octagonal basin, recalling the ancient Roman baths.

Reference: Grand Hotel Terme & Spa *****

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