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Year: 2019
Via Giovanni Macchi, 61, Varese, VA, Italia, Italy

Horizon Wellness & Spa Resort

Horizon Wellness & Spa Resort is a corner of paradise between green hills and the shores of Lake Varese, designed in every detail to accommodate customers in an elegant setting, where the rooms are modern and well-finished, the restaurant welcomes guests with dream gourmet experiences and the new Spa designed and built by Stenal offers unique moments of well-being and relaxation.


The construction of the wellness centre Spa Horizon was born joining the concepts of "experience" and "movement", which together give life to a harmonious path where both body and spirit can be regenerated. The philosophy of the Horizon Spa that the Owner wanted to convey through the Stenal cabins was therefore the idea of ​​"care" and "well-being": 2-hours and 4-hours staying have been studied together with Stenal, in a warm and cozy environment where absolute peace reigns.  The Private Spa Horizon can also be booked and is an environment dedicated to couples and relaxation.


All the cabins in the wellness area have been custom made and arranged in a specific sequence in order to make guests feel at ease. The large windows of the Topclass sauna by Stenal let in the right amount of light, while the benches are large enough to relax comfortably; it should be noted that in their construction has been used an athermic wood, that does not burn, and that is pleasant to the touch. In every professional sauna it is always important to have an eye for safety; the Topclass professional sauna can be equipped, as in this case, with accessories such as the call button and a sensor that switch off the stove if there are objects left in contact with the hot stones, such as towels forgotten by guests, thus minimizing the risk of fires.


In the wet area we find the steam bath of the Customer line, custom made by Stenal to offer an extra pampering of well-being: a large bench with ergonomic backrest and rounded edge runs all around the cabin, the lighting becomes discreet and suggestive at the same time and the aroma and music therapy system diffuses sounds and scents that mix with the steam to create an atmosphere where time really seems to stop.


A particularly good choice was to include in the design phase some equipment for the spa that was aesthetically pleasing, functional and that could make the most of the spaces, as to make the most even out of the "transit" areas. The Island experience shower path produced and installed by Stenal meets all these requirements; it develops according to a linear layout, does not require much space in width and offers the possibility of alternating dry heat cabins, such as the sauna, or the Turkish bath, a new and stimulating experience. The sensory - or experience - showers path is in fact a guided walk between three different timed stages, each of which offers a unique setting consisting of water effects, lights and combined aromatic scents.

All the showers inside the wellness centre have been designed to be multifunctional, that is, to offer each a different "setting"; In this way, at Horizon spa were also installed the bucket shower, or Scottish shower, and the experience shower from the Ray line, that can be used both as a reaction shower after sauna and Turkish bath and as a relaxing and discovery stage.


The beautiful Stenal ice fountain was covered in mosaic and built with a steel slide on the ceiling and an elegant finish that allows you to hide the ice-making technique behind a false ceiling; the ice flakes are collected in a bowl equipped with a drain, where the ice flows as it melts.


At the end of the wellness program, a comfortable but above all original relaxation area could not be missing: we must not forget that the relaxation room ends the experience inside the spa, therefore it is important that it is able to leave guests a sense of charm and completeness. The relaxation areas designed by Stenal are unique and never repetitive environments: multifunctionality plays an important role, and has been enhanced by installing a wall of pure Himalayan salt bricks, backlit with stripled lights that highlight all their shades of pink. The central stove heats the room and releases the marine scent of the salt crystals placed on the brazier.


Finally, the Private Spa Horizon designed and built by Stenal offers a reserved and exclusive space for the couple: there is a Jacuzzi mini-pool and a Stenal bio-sauna from the Evolution line, a special sauna built in light Linden wood and burnished Ash wood for a very particular chromatic effect. Thanks to the bio-sauna function, it is also suitable for everyone, because it can also be used in an intermediate mode between dry heat sauna and steam bath.

Reference in: Horizon Wellness & Spa Resort

Biosauna Topclass
Steam bath Customer
Experience shower Ray
3 stages experience showers Island
Bucket shower
Ice fountain
Relax area with padded loungers Alba
Salt wall

Private spa:

Biosauna Evolution
Jacuzzi hot tub