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Microdent Wellness Division

Microdent Wellness Division Spa is located in the city centre, and is the first Day spa in Bologna to offer a premium service: the possibility of reserving the ReLUX spa for exclusive use for one or more hours; guests will find there a wide range of beauty treatments and massages, and wellness programs dedicated to the couple.

This wellness center designed and built by Stenal also holds another record, that of being the first wellness centre in the whole Region where guests can live a truly extraordinary experience: that of the deepest relaxation that can be experienced, thanks to the first floating room (not just a tub!) for sensory deprivation, the result of the first official Italian study in floating technique. Floating in zero gravity arouses unique emotions, which are described by those who have lived this experience in the wellness centres designed by Stenal as unique and unforgettable, underlining the feeling of total relaxation and abandonment never experienced before, and the escape from stress through. “Floating” means not simply a tank in which to float: the sensory deprivation that precedes and accompanies floating is first of all the result of a careful study of the spaces and of a guided path that has a precise end and beginning. The floating session has its culmination when the chromotherapy lights on the ceiling of the cabin and the music fade and leave room for a meditative atmosphere, while the body gets rid of the force of gravity and begins to float mechanically.

Stenal's Floating rooms are simply one of the most amazing, yet natural, ways to increase relaxation and soothe pain. An absolute novelty in the world of Wellness, which Stenal has installed and continues to supply successfully in Italy and abroad.


Microdent Wellness Division houses another wellness innovation by Stenal: the 3 in 1 Alegria wellness module, a sauna - steam bath – experience shower “all in one” structure elegantly enclosed between large glass windows and an aluminium frame with a glossy finish. A real "spa within a spa" with a very high aesthetic impact and a technological soul, which makes the control of all the functions of the sauna and Turkish bath intuitive and allows wide freedom of installation of the entire module. Alegria is in fact a self-supporting structure that houses all the systems and technical equipment necessary for the operation of the Finnish sauna, the steam bath and the latest generation Ray Plus experience shower, equipped with thermostatic mixer for maximum comfort.

In the space dedicated to relaxation, ReLUX spa offers two reclining beds from the Flex 4line by Stenal, in Beech wood, which can be used separately or side by side to create a comfortable “tatatmi” area dedicated to the couple.

Reference: Microdent Wellness Division

Floating room: floatation tank and sensory deprivation
Wellness Suite 3 in 1 Alegria Sauna Custom
Steam bath Customer
Ray Plus experience shower