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Year: 2020
Hong Kong Cina

Mid-Levels, Hong Kong


Mid-Levels in the most exclusive district of Hong Kong together with The Peak, here apartments are surrounded by the greenery of the Botanical Gardens, just a few minutes walk from the city Center. This condo offers apartments and common areas with high-level finishes and equipment, like the resort-style pool, the gardens and the jogging path, an oasis of peace that seems to make you forget the presence of the central business district just below. It also features a clubhouse with gym and squash court. During the renovation of one of the most prestigious apartments, equipped with a yoga room and spacy rooms for guests, the master bathroom was of particular importance: the creation of the entirely custom-made sauna in the master bathroom required considerable technical and creative skills, to overcome architectural constraints while creating an environment of great visual effect. The result is a surprising handcrafted sauna entirely in Cedar stripes, whose shapes follow the undulation of the walls. Despite opening onto the bathroom with large windows, the sauna keeps an intimate atmosphere thanks to the soft lighting, coming from the ceiling lights, the stripled behind the backrest and the pink light of the striking backlit salt bricks wall, made with authentic salt extracted from the slopes of the Himalayas.


Finally, there are also the most advanced technological details such as the touch control unit for the sauna, which allows you to control all the main functions through the digital panel, and optionals such as musictherapy and aromatherapy that enrich the stay in the sauna with multisensory experiences.


How to make the most of the benefits of the sauna, alternating dry heat with a system that can quickly cool the body, especially into a private environment? A challenge to which Stenal technology has responded in a very smart way, placing the cooling system that is used in the production of ice falls into a technical compartment behind the master whirlpool; using a special slide, it is possible to drop the ice flakes directly into the tub, thus creating, as needed, a cold bath, or using the ice flakes as a regenerating break before the whirlpool.


Reference in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong:


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