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Year: 2016
Palazzo della Spiaggia, Via Lungomare Roma, Marina di Pietrasanta, LU,

Palazzo della Spiaggia

This Resort is a milestone among the accomodation in Versilia, the Italian region well know for the Forte dei Marmi beaches, a must-destination for national and international VIPs; in the Sixties, there spent their holiday time famous celebrities like De Andrè, Mina, Ray Charles and Marlene Dietrich.


The need to meet the tastes and needs of such different people lead to a kind of “universal” design, sober but not as cold and stylized as the “too modern” SPAs are. This professional spa built by Stenal in 2016 was placed outside, under an elegant, white dehors, and it can be accessed directly by the pool through large and bright glass windows. This compact solution makes full use of space and is extremely versatile: Stenal built the spa as a module of three wellness cabins; from the left, the modern and welcoming Topclass sauna in Hemlock, a wood chosen specifically for its bright texture, illuminated by stripled under-bench lighting.


In the center, a two-effects experience shower – tropical storm and cold mist – acts as a toning break after the dry sauna heat and after the turkish bath, that completes the module. Both the Finnish sauna, from Stenal’s Topclass line, and the steam bath from Stenal’s Customer line are equipped with a wide glass window, framed by an aluminum profile. The multi-sensory experience shower Ray, patented by Stenal, enhances the atmosphere of the wellness area with aromatherapy and with the magic of the effects of a colored light waterfall and water jets.


All the technical and construction details are carefully studied to perfectly adapt the wellness module to the environment, making it extremely functional and pleasant-looking at the same time.



Finnish sauna Topclass
Steam bath Customer
Experience shower Ray