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Year: 2009
Via Accattapane, 56/a 57022 Castagneto Carducci (LI), Italy

Podere Vignanova

Located in the medieval village of Castagneto Carducci, Podere Vignanova is located on the top of a hill from which you can admire all the shades of the Tuscan landscape, vineyards and centuries-old olive groves. This ancient building houses 4 comfortable apartments and 4 delightful suites, where modern and rustic style melt in a refined and harmonious environment. In 2019, the design and construction of the wellness centre SPA OLEA was therefore the natural continuation of precise qualitative choices, that make this Resort stand out.

The SPA wellness path created by Stenal has been designed to offer a 2-hour stay. The Finnish sauna of the Topclass line was made in the corner version, a solution that allows the glass to brighten the interiors with soft, natural light. The steam bath from Stenal Customer line was custom made to be covered in mosaic, with a double lighting system: stripled under the benches, for a modern light effect, and a starry sky on the ceiling, where multiple light points softly change colour. 
The experience shower of the Ray line is a real wellness cabin that is used both as a reaction shower after the sauna and the steam bath and as spa attraction, where tropical or arctic atmospheres take place at the pressure of a button: the effects of lights, water jets and scents are activated simultaneously, carrying the guest on a nesensory journey. 

The ice fountain is a distinctive element in the wellness centres planned and created by Stenal, as it allows to maximize the benefits of the sauna and the steam bath: the application on the skin of ice flakes, freshly produced by a special technology, activates the microcirculation and allows the guests to benefit the hot and cold alternation. The relaxation room recalls the greenery and the landscape of the outdoor gardens, and has been furnished with comfortable relax padded beds from the Alba linestrictly certified class 1M for professional use. 

Finally, the spa includes a 34°C heated hydrotherapy tub with massage bed, waterfall and hydromassage.

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