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Year: 2014
Viale della Vittoria, 53, Italy 24016

Terme di San Pellegrino

With its almost 10,000 square meters – 6,000 square meters dedicated to well-being facilities and 3,200 square meters being the historical park of the renowned San Pellegrino water spring, the San Pellegrino SPA complex has now become one of the largest in Europe. More than 40 thermal treatments and a magnificent Art Nouveau architecture, now reborn after a long restoration, make this place unique in the world.

Stenal was in charge of the engineering and construction of the whole wellness area, including ten bespoke wellness cabins among saunas, bio sauna, steam baths, experience showers, ice room and salt room.


Thanks to Stenal’s technologies and latest generation CNC machines, it was possible to customize each wellness cabin with motifs and decorations that recall the symbols and history of San Pellegrino Terme, leaving space for creativity and design. Wooden bubble panels, that recall the water gushing from the water spring, decorate the saunas; shapes and elements inside the steam baths reproduce the silhouette of the famous bottle of San Pellegrino mineral water. In the salt room, a very particular curved wooden bench recalls the waves of the water, and the above backlit pink salt bricks boiserie gives a deep relaxing feeling; in the ice cabin, the mosaics evoke the shape of water drops.


The restoration of San Pellegrino Thermal Complex also involved the restoration of frescoes, colonnades and ceilings belonging to the early twentieth century building; the wellness path winds inside both the ancient and the new building, designed DE8 architects and architect Tobia Scarpa on the foundations of the former Hotel Milano.


Reference: spa Terme di San Pellegrino

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