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Year: 2018
50050 Castelfalfi, Montaione Firenze, Italia, Italy

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Castelfalfi Resort - TUI BLUE SELECTION is located in the medieval village of Castelfalfi, in the heart of one of the most renowned Italian regions: Tuscany, a land of beauty, art, culture and gastronomic traditions. Surrounded by an enchanting landscape of vineyards and olive trees, Tuscany Resort Castelfalfi offers a perfect combination of wellness and sport, with one of the largest golf courses in Italy: over 9,400 meters of fairways lined with groves and olive trees, and 27 holes divided into two spectacular routes.


Since 2018, this Resort houses an authentic jewel, the Spa. The supply of equipment for the wellness center by Stenal has turned into an exclusive oasis of peace and serenity in the heart of the Estate, designed balancing harmony and energy, physical and spiritual well-being, in a wide choice of sensory paths, holistic treatments and beauty rituals inspired by nature.

In the wellness center created by Stenal there is a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a steam bath, a path of three-stage experience showers and two single stations, and the relaxation area: an indoor swimming pool, and outdoor heated pool and whirlpools complete the offer of this extraordinary spa.


Enveloped in beneficial fragrances and the warmth of the Topclass Finnish sauna tailor made by Stenal, guests can experience intense purification rituals such as Aufguss. The sauna was in fact designed to offer this scenographic multisensory ritual from the Nordic tradition: through harmonious movements, an expert sauna master, the Aufgussmeister, spreads in the sauna the steam enriched with balsamic and relaxing essences.

The Stenal Topclass biosauna, with large dimensions that reach 4 meters in length and width, is a cabin designed to house a device that generates a moderate amount of steam, thus obtaining a hot-humid climate particularly appreciated by a wide range of users: the Stenal biosauna is a regenerating cuddle, able to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins.

Colours, lights and water effects are fundamental aspects in the design phase of the wellness center; Stenal combined these elements in its exclusive experience showers, single stations - as in the case of the Mekong and Volga multi-sensory showers - or path to be performed in succession, such as the Island multi-sensory showers path, where each step is characterized by a different combination of coloured lights, hot or cold water jets, and relaxing or energizing balsamic fragrances.

Lovers of Nordic tradition will also appreciate Stenal's bucket shower, a very effective means of obtaining an intense cooling of the body with an immediate toning effect.

By the pool, the elegant relaxation area equipped with comfortable and spacious Stenal padded loungers is the perfect zone in the spa for indulging in moments of pure idleness and rest.


Finnish sauna Topclass
Bio sauna Topclass
Ice fall
Multi-sensory experience showers path Island
Single stage experience showers Mekong and Volga
Bucket shower
Poolside relax area with padded loungers Alba