Experience showers

Nowadays, experience or sensory showers are an essential feature for all wellness areas and home spas: in little space, these luminous showerheads create magical atmospheres combining the effects of light, water and the aroma of the different essential oils, alternating a warm and exotic ambience with cold mist and Nordic sensations. Experience showers offer many benefits: the alternation of cold and warm helps circulation and tones the body; coloured lights and the fragrances associated with each effect relax the senses and increase the feeling of peace normally felt after a sauna or a steam bath.Experience showers can be fitted also in home bathrooms, to create a private wellness area with a warm and refined touch of style.




Cold arctic shower

Let yourself be inspired by the nightly atmosphere of the Volga's experience shower. Its lights, that change gently in blue shades, will wrap you together with the veil of cold water delivered from the showerhead in fine particles and with the sparkling scent of Mint essence. The showerhead is equipped also with hot and cold shower and with a mixer, so it can be used as refreshing shower after sauna or steam bath.


Hot tropical shower

Lights that slightly blend in the warm tones of red and orange, exotic citrus scents and hot shower from in large drops: an explosion of vitality and energy will welcome you under the tropical storm of the experience shower Mekong. The mixer included with this shower allows Mekong to be used also as a traditional shower, both hot and cold, so it can be placed aside sauna and steam bath.


Two effects shower

Ray's collection origins from an exclusive Stenal patent, that offers an even more intense sensory experience. What makes this experience shower unique is the sophisticated "lightfall" effect: the luminous panel is backlit with LEDs that enhance the feeling of relaxation gently passing through multiple shades of color. Water and light blend with the aromatic scents of different essences, which can energize or deeply relax body and mind.

Ray Plus

Ray shower plus handshower

High-quality fittings, thermostatic mixer and flexible handshower to rediscover all the pleasure of a luxury wellness experience: all this is Ray Plus, the evolution of Stenal's experience shower line.


Cold mist

A refreshing mist of cold water in the form of fine particles aromatised with Mint essence and illuminated by cold colour changing lights.

Rain shower

A jet of water controlled by a mixer that adjusts its intensity, duration and temperature. Accompanied by a pleasant white “light-fall” effect.

Tropical shower

Large drops of warm water synchronised with orange light and aromatised with tropical citrus fragrances.

Flexible handshower

Top quality fittings and fixtures,thermostatic mixer and flexible handshower to rediscover the pleasure of a wellness experience worthy of a luxury SPA.
ModelVolgaMekongRayRay Plus
Cold mist shower with Mint aroma
Relaxing CromoLux
Tropical shower with Tropic aroma
Energizing CromoLux
Rain shower
Rain shower Plus
Single control water mixer
Thermostatic water mixer
Flexible handshower
Courtesy light
Optional feature: side jets

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Ceiling showerheadcm 45x45
Tropical showerWarm shower with a massaging water jet form above, aromatised with Tropic essence and illuminated by warm colour changing lights. 40-second effect.
Cold mistA refreshing mist of cold water in the form of fine particles aromatised with Mint essence and illuminated by cold colour changing lights. 40-second effect.
Rain showerCeiling showerhead with self-cleaning silicone nozzles
Effects activationBacklit piezoelectric push buttons, made of IP68 stainless steel, break-proof
Rain activationSingle control water mixer
LightingSlow changing LED RGB lighting system
Packagingcm 60x60x40
Weight Kg20
Power consumption300W / 230V
Max. water capacity26 litres/min, pressure 2-4 bar
InstallationIn false ceiling
Distance from plant roomMaximum pipe length: 7 metres
Plant room set upHot/Cold water, electric supply
Shower internal set upHot/Cold water for mixer, fitted box for button, 36x36 cm hole with reinforced edge in false ceiling
ProductionMade in Italy
WarrantySystem: 1 year for professional use, 2 years for private use

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