Steam baths

Let yourself be enveloped by a veil of scented steam. Forget about your stressful day, get carried away in a far, exotic land, free your mind listening to music created to offer maximum relaxation. Enjoy the tone-changing light effects and imagine lying under the Eastern sky! Live the experience of a Stenal steam bath.

Exclusive Stenal QuickFIX System

Stenal QuickFIX is a system designed especially to reduce significantly assembling time at our workhouse. Each component is tested in advance at our production plant so that all pieces can be assembled quickly and univocally to guarantee the perfect fit.The cabin is self-standing and does not require supporting walls.

Assembling on the screed


Optimal steam distribution

A good steam bath requires a correct steam distribution. Our design experience, the strict procedures we follow when laying the steam pipes and the thorough testing we carry out, guarantee an outstanding and durable performance.

Ceiling perimeter lighting

Elegant and modern, warm white spot lights positioned along the perimeter of the ceiling help to relax and add brightness to the room without affecting the intimacy of the atmosphere. Mosaics and finishings are endowed with soft light that gently caresses the walls.

Starry sky with cromoLux

Multiple tiny tone-changing spot lights fitted in the ceiling to create unique light effects, with the option to control the colour settings and personalise the mood. The extremely quiet lighting system ensures a relaxing atmosphere to fully enjoy the comfort of Stenal steam baths.

Backlit backrest

A constant and homogeneous light behind the backrest projects a soft, indirect light on the ceiling, ideal to fully enjoy the atmosphere and the magic of a Stenal steam bath.

Under-bench lighting

The down-facing lighting brings discreet and uniform brightness.The indirect light endows the steam room with quiet intimacy.

A - Squared

The squared bench makes it possible to create a steam bath that can be easily covered with tiles or mosaic.

B - Rounded

The rounded, ergonomic edge provides a comfortable seat and is suitable for mosaic coating, to match the syle of both traditional and modern steam baths.

C - With backrest

Ideal for relaxation of the back, the square bench is also available in backrest version, allowing you to personalize the interior of your steam bath.

D - With backrest

Rounded B model bench comes also with backrest. As with Type B, this model especially suites to steam baths that after installation will be covered with mosaic.

E - Suspended

The suspended seat can be covered with different materials - marble, tiles, mosaic - and is provided with no backrest to adapt especially to the steam bath with modern and minimal design.

Steam generator

Every detail of a Stenal steam bath contributes to making it a unique and inimitable experience. Nothing is left to chance, each feature has been designed to offer style and functionality. Such as the chrome steel steam outlet and the elegant box which contains state of the art technology and leaves in view only clean essential lines.

Touchscreen control unit with remote activation (optional)

Features: Manual and remote activation with timer and week calender. Two lights on/off. LED RGB lighting system, where available. Automatic cut-off safety system with 1/6/12-hour settings. Compatible with home automation systems. Size: 20x10 cm.

Stenal AirSystem (optional)

Air exchange system that mixes fresh air with steam and extracts exhaust air. Recommended for steam baths subject to intensive use. Advantages: consistent temperature gradient from the floor to the ceiling, constant air exchange in the cabin, that dries quickly after use.

Panic button (optional)

An emergency button that can withstand the high temperatures and levels of humidity of a steam bath; must be connected to an external signal (not provided).

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