Elegant Sauna

The Elegant sauna line, made of Sweedish Fir wood, is suitable for both professional use – especially in medium-small beauty centers - and for private use. It can be the ideal solution for anyone seeking a traditional-looking sauna, re-invented with the unmistakable touch of Italian design. The large front glass window endows Elegant saunas with luminosity and character while Ayous athermal wood benches offer an even more relaxing and comfortable sitting.


Walls: Swedish Fir

Benches: Ayous athermic wood


Measures at your choice

We build saunas with custom made sizes and with standard measures.

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Available configurations

Configurations Saunas

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Functions and features


Features: Manual and remote activation with timer and week calender. Light on/off. Safety temperature limiter. Automatic cut-off system with 6/12-hour settings. Compatible with home automation systems using an interface that can be bought separately. Size: 17x17 cm
The traditional wood bucket and matching ladle, used to pour water scented with balsamic essences over the rocks to immediately increase the humidity in the cabin.
The ideal sauna headrest for total relaxation; a traditional accessory with a modern design that provides a correct and comfortable back and neck position and makes thes sauna session even more enjoyable.
A sauna temperature and humidity indicator with a brand new design, specific for high temperatures. The hands indicate the temperature between 0°C and 120°C and the percentage of humidity between 0% and 100%.
An hourglass that measures fifteen minutes in five minute increments, resistant to high temperatures, an ideal addition to the line of sauna accessories. With its elegant wood frame, it hangs on the wall and matches perfectly the style of the best Finnish saunas.
Luce Elegant
This type of wood-screen lighting allows you to spread a pleasant golden light inside the sauna, that softly illuminates the space of relaxation.


Couple of loudspeakers, installed on a couple of wooden boxes, for spreading relaxing music inside the cabin.
Essences play a very important role in saunas: through smell, one of our most developed senses, we perceive pleasant, stimulating and relaxing sensations. The fragrance drip-doser releases exotic and balsamic aromas for the ultimate sauna experience.
An additional device that allows to use the cabin in two different ways: as a classic Finnish dry sauna or as an intermediate option, half way between a sauna and a steam bath, in which temperatures are lower and humidity levels higher.
Features: Manual and remote activation with timer and week calender. Two lights on/off. LED RGB lighting system, where available. Safety temperature limiter. Automatic cut-off system with 6/12-hour settings. Compatible with home automation systems. Size: 20x10 cm
Bluetooth receiver with integrated amplifier, suitable for streaming audio from a mobile phone or MP3 player.
Multiple tiny tone-changing spot lights fitted in the ceiling to create unique light effects, with the option to control the colour settings and personalise the mood. The extremely quiet lighting system ensures a relaxing atmosphere to fully enjoy the comfort of a Stenal sauna.
A constant and homogeneous light behind the bench backrest projects a soft, indirect light on the ceiling emphasising the texture of the materials and three-dimensional shapes.
The down-facing lights create a evocative and suggestive effect. The indirect light endows the sauna with quiet intimacy.
A button that can withstand high temperatures; must be connected to an external signal (not provided).
The sensor prevents the heater from switching on if any objects are placed on the rocks, or if towels are in contact with it.
Predisposition to turn on the sauna via domotics through clean contact, suitable for all control units.


Technical data

FeaturesFinnish sauna
Temperature60 - 90°C
Relative humidity10 - 15%
Heating systemElectric heater suitable for prologued professional use
Control systemExternal controls with remote activation
VoltageStandard 400V up to 6 kW, 230V on request
Electric power Depending on size
Wall materialNatural dried Swedish fir. This wood, traditionally used in Northern Europe to make saunas, has a characteristic warm and welcoming look.
Wall decorationHorizontal strips
Wood fragrances●●○○○
Wall thicknessmm 68
FloorA hard roll-up grid of wood, to be positioned on the existing floor
DoorTempered glass. Door clear width: 70x199 cm
Bench designSuspended
Bench materialWide strips of athermic Abachi wood
LightingWall-mounted light with wood lampshade
Light colourWarm white 3000 K
Customer goodsIncluding Stenal Classic essence 0.5 l
To be done by the CustomerPerfectly horizontal and even floor, covered in washable material (we recommend gres porcelain stoneware), power supply next to the electric panel
Regular maintenanceClean using a wet cloth and a few drops of Destacryl (recommended)
ProductionMade in Italy
Plus warrantyStructure: 5 years; system: 1 year for professional use, 2 years for private use

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