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A Stenal sauna lights up every room with the elegance of the finest timber and the brightness of tempered glass, harmoniously adapting to any location, from the most intimate to the most scenic. Every creation is customizable according to the available space, and can be enriched with optional accessories such as the Biosauna, which allows to obtain a hot-humid climate, half way between the traditional sauna and the steam bath.

Optimal air circulation

Air circulation in essential to the correct functioning of a sauna. Air must change 6 times every hour, in order to guarantee a healthy and pleasant environment at all times. This is why all Stenal saunas are designed taking into account the space into which they will be fitted.

Adjustable air flow

The perfect sauna session is one that you can personalise. This is why all Stenal saunas have an elegant air flow control that allows to adjust the air flow inside the cabin.

Materials Sauna


Mineral wool is used as filling, because it provides perfect thermal insulation and is an eco-friendly product.

Exclusive Stenal QuickFIX System

Stenal QuickFIX is a system designed especially to reduce significantly assembling time at our workhouse. Each component is tested in advance at our production plant so that all pieces can be assembled quickly and univocally to guarantee the perfect fit.

Easy access to the compartment below the bench

The bench opening system allows to see and reach well inside, to make cleaning all parts of the sauna an easy task.

Heat Slim

A small-size heater that can contain up to 10 kg of peridotite rocks.Power options: 3.0 / 4.5 Kw.

Heat PRO

A medium-size heater that can contain up to 15 kg of peridotite rocks.Power options: 4.5 / 6.0 / 7.5 / 9.0 Kw.

Heat Plus

A large-size heater that can contain up to 60 kg of peridotite rocks.Power options: 12.0 / 15.0 Kw.

Heat Slim Bio

A small-size heater that can contain up to 10 kg of peridotite rocks.Power options: 3.0 / 4.5 Kw.

Heat PRO Bio

A medium-size heater that can contain up to 15 kg of peridotite rocks.Power options: 4.5 / 6.0 / 7.5 / 9.0 Kw.

Heat Plus Bio

A large-size heater that can contain up to 60 kg of peridotite rocks.Power options: 12.0 / 15.0 Kw.

Ceiling perimeter lighting

In an environment devoted to body and mind relaxation, light plays an essential role: warm white spot lights along the perimeter of the ceiling bring light, warmth and style to the sauna and emphasise the quality of the materials.

Starry sky with cromoLux

Multiple tiny tone-changing spot lights fitted in the ceiling to create unique light effects, with the option to control the colour settings and personalise the mood. The extremely quiet lighting system ensures a relaxing atmosphere to fully enjoy the comfort of a Stenal sauna.

Backlit backrest

A constant and homogeneous light behind the bench backrest projects a soft, indirect light on the ceiling emphasising the texture of the materials and three-dimensional shapes.

Under-bench lighting

The down-facing lights create a evocative and suggestive effect. The indirect light endows the sauna with quiet intimacy.

Control unit with remote activation

Features: Manual and remote activation with timer and week calender. Light on/off. Safety temperature limiter. Automatic cut-off system with 6/12-hour settings. Compatible with home automation systems using an interface that can be bought separately. Size: 17x17 cm

Touchscreen control unit with remote activation

Features: Manual and remote activation with timer and week calender. Two lights on/off. LED RGB lighting system, where available. Safety temperature limiter. Automatic cut-off system with 6/12-hour settings. Compatible with home automation systems.Size: 20x10 cm.


An additional device that allows to use the cabin in two different ways: as a classic Finnish dry sauna or as an intermediate option, half way between a sauna and a steam bath, in which temperatures are lower and humidity levels higher.


Essences play a very important role in saunas: through smell, one of our most developed senses, we perceive pleasant, stimulating and relaxing sensations. The fragrance drip-doser releases exotic and balsamic aromas for the ultimate sauna experience.

Bucket and ladle

The traditional wood bucket and matching ladle, used to pour water scented with balsamic essences over the rocks to immediately increase the humidity in the cabin.


A sauna temperature and humidity indicator with a brand new design, specific for high temperatures. The hands indicate the temperature between 0°C and 120°C and the percentage of humidity between 0% and 100%.


An hourglass that measures fifteen minutes in five minute increments, resistant to high temperatures. An ideal addition to the line of sauna accessories. With its elegant wood frame, it hangs on the wall and matches perfectly the style of the best Finnish saunas.


The ideal sauna headrest for total relaxation; a traditional accessory with a modern design that provides a correct and comfortable back and neck position and makes the sauna session even more enjoyable.

Panic button

A button that can withstand high temperatures; must be connected to an external signal (not provided).

Safety sensor

The sensor prevents the heater from switching on if any objects are placed on the rocks, or if towels are in contact with it.


The tradition of the sauna is a millenary tradition that dates back to an ancient tradition of Hippocratic natural medicine and which experienced its maximum diffusion with the calidarium (laconicum), the tepidarium and the frigidarium of the Roman baths and with the subsequent Turkish hammam, but traces of which can also be found in other traditions from the Japanese ofuro, to the Russian banja, to the sweat lodge of the inipi of the American Indians and the Eskimos.

Le Saune.jpg

A custom from time immemorial for the purification of mind and body but also as a moment of socialization, since the time of the ancient Roman baths, the sauna is a ritual that is appreciated and valued more and more and that helps us feel better, with ourselves and with others.

The sauna interpreted by Stenal lights up any environment with the elegance of precious woods and the luminosity of tempered glass, adapting harmoniously to any location, from the most intimate to the most spectacular at home or in our favorite wellness centre.

Our range is wide and customizable, whether we are talking about a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, an outdoor barrel sauna or a home sauna, each creation is made with meticulousness and with the utmost attention to detail, each model it can be customized according to the space available and can be enriched with options and accessories such as the biosauna, which allows you to obtain a hot, humid climate, similar to that of a Turkish bath.

The ability to combine the love for the production of each piece with the know-how of advanced technology allows us to build high quality saunas, entirely Made in Italy, made to last and never go out of style.

Passion and creativity guide us towards the exploration of ever new possibilities such as the Sauna Forest, a panoramic sauna entirely covered in Cortèn steel, a tribute, with clean lines and the use of tempered glass, to the tradition of great architect Carlo Scarpa, who said:

“The value of a work consists in its expression: when something is expressed well, its value becomes very high”. Carlo Scarpa, 1976



But what precautions can we take to take a Finnish sauna without any contraindications? And how can we combine sauna and cryotherapy?

First of all, let’s make sure that we are in good health and used to physical exertion, if we are not sporty and in good physical shape, it is better to consult your doctor first.

The rules that tell us how to have a good sauna are mainly the rules of common sense, which, taking into account the high temperatures, require us to be gradual in dealing with the various moments of this atavistic ritual.

Tradition has it that before entering the sauna you do a deep cleansing with natural and non-aggressive soaps to start a first phase of detoxification of the epidermal tissue, and that, once you enter, you lie down for the first few minutes to facilitate the relaxation and adaptation to high temperatures ranging from 70° to 90°.

According to the Nordic tradition, you then enter the sauna naked or with a light towel around your waist, with nothing that could prevent the body from perspiring, let alone with non-breathable synthetic material costumes.

It is also not recommended to take a session in the sauna without having eaten or after having eaten too much and it is absolutely to avoid entering the sauna if you do not have a good reserve of liquids so it is better to drink in the hours before entering.

According to the path of the Finnish sauna then, the session in the sauna should be alternated with an ice-cold shower to subject the body to a thermal shock that would narrow the blood vessels with a “pump” effect that helps and invigorates blood circulation. Before immersing yourself in a tub of cold water or entering a cryotherapy cabin, it is necessary to wait a few minutes after exiting the sauna and then a phase of relaxation and rest lasting at least 10-15 minutes is important.

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