Innovation, research and development

Our continuous investments in Research and Development enable us to find and apply the best engineering solutions to create a perfectly efficient SPA.

Creativity, innovation and technology meet the excellence of handicraft work.

Stenal has always been involved in the research and development of new wellness products and solutions, cutting edge style and performance. We are firmly convinced that the ideas and opportunities offered by new technologies are the driving force behind the Company's growth.Stenal Laboratory works continuously to improve existing products and launch innovative projects that are born from the constant cooperation between professionals, designers and end users. This synergy has led to the registration of two patents and to the use of last-generation materials and machines, capable of perfectly integrating and supporting our precious craftsmanship, a distinctive feature of Stenal production.


We constantly use new technologies to explore ideas, display prototypes with photorealistic rendering, and simulate project functionality .


At this stage, which precedes the production of our saunas, steam baths, expereince showers and any other element in the wellness centre, improvements and corrections to the initial project are made: this optimizes the production process in order to deliver a perfectly functioning finished product.


Our creations have a soul: each one is designed and tailor-made for the individual customer. That's why we try to convey the essence of Stenal's character in the design of our products: passion for uniqueness, beautiful things, a job well done.

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