Regolo VIP Okumè

Beauty and massage bed, for treatment cabins in wellness rituals. A comprehensive professional product, featuring two adjustable points, to lift both the legs and the back, soft mattress with face hole, paper holder and storage space below.


Regolo Okumè

Lettino Regolo Okume

Regolo Wengè

Lettino Regolo Weng

Regolo Vip Okumè

Lettino Regolo Vip Okume

Regolo Vip Wengè

Lettino Regolo Vip Wenge


cm 195x67x79-89h


45 kg

ModelRegolo okumèRegolo wengèRegolo vip okumèRegolo vip wengè
Padded mat
Hub to maintain the back in the raised position
Hub to maintain the legs in the raised position
Facial hole
Roll holder
Underlay storage shelf
Adjustable height

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Technical data

DimensionsCm 196x67x79-89h
PackagingCubic meters 0,60
IncludedHub to maintain the back in the raised position; Hub to maintain the legs in the raised position; Soft mat; Facial hole; Roll holder; Underlay storage shelf
Adjustable heightYes
Weight Kg45
Ideal forMassages and treatments

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