Cabina Onsen


Onsen is born from a new concept that resumes the ancient tradition of the Roman Tepidarium, a relaxation room where the temperature and humidity are not very high. In the Onsen cabin, the feeling of well-being comes from the perception of heat from the pleasantly heated walls and benches; in the middle of the room, a heat column with lava stones creates an area of great impact. Periodically, the release of a scented steam cloud and colored lights creates a very special atmosphere; the relaxing music in the background completes the evocative climate of this cabin, which offers new multisensory experiences. The Onsen cabin is a great place to stop at the beginning of the wellness path, because it prepares the body before the heat bath of the sauna and steam room, and can also be used at the end of the ritual as relaxation area.


Technical data

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