Wellness centre planning


When planning a wellness centre, whether it is a private spa or a professional facility, Stenal knows well – thanks to its 35-year experience – that the architectural part of the project must take into account several technical aspects.

Our wellness centres are original spaces designed to relax and recharge with vitality and harmony, designed especially for:

  • hotels that wish to offer top quality services to their guests
  • beauty centres, as an essential feature to offer comprehensive treatments
  • architects, with whom we collaborate to develop important and prestigious ideas
  • private individuals looking to transform their home in an oasis of wellness and relaxation

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What are the implications of creating a “bespoke” spa?

It is a journey that includes some essential stages that must be followed together in order to reach an amazing objective: the final wellness centre, perfectly functional and made according to the Client and the Designer’s specific requirements.The preliminary feasibility study is a useful tool to support initial decisions, verify whether or not the plan can be developed and asses the elements from which the plan will evolve.The preliminary project consists in an approximate economic evaluation in which all expenditures are examined and time lines and construction methods are established.After more than 35 years of research and development experience in the construction and installation of spa equipment, we proudly carry out and deliver all projects, each one as unique as each of our Clients.

Examples of wellness centres projects

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Bespoke solutions

Whether it is a private sauna or a wellness centre, Stenal can customize each equipment.


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